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Chest freezers can help us to store food for a long time in hot summer. When using chest freezers, what are some good ways to solve the problem of power consumption? Is it bad for the chest type freezer if you fill it with water?



Tips For Hot Pot Food Ingredients Shop

With the improvement of food safety awareness, more and more people will choose to make their own hot pot at home and choose their favorite ingredients. Therefore, hot pot food stores are also popular in China. However, how does the hot pot food store ensure that consumers can choose different ingredients in bulk, but also keep the food fresh?



Huge Market Of SS Commercial Reach In Refrigerator

As catering industry thrives both home and abroad, catering equipments are also getting popular all over the world. Among those catering equipments, commercial refrigeration equipments are important series. Meibaijia is leading manufacturer in commercial refrigeration line, and we’ll introduce our main products as shown in picture: ss commercial reach in refrigerator.



How To Prevent Frost In A Under Counter Freezer

No matter for home appliance for cooling or commercial equipment for cooling, we usually use static cooling or fan cooling. Especially for static cooling occupy a large part of market with competitive price and lower power consumption than ventilated system, but after long time use, user will find there will be some frost inside cabinet in freezer, here we would like to discuss more about how to prevent frost in a static cooling under counter freezer.



Are chest freezers suitable for garages?

The function of the chest freezer plays a crucial role in the success of food enterprises, and even is the essential household appliances of many families, but because the volume is generally larger, the chest home freezer in the home is not very convenient. So can we put the chest type freezer in the garage? Does this affect its function and life?



Are under counter chillers expensive to run?

Many people feel that they need more freezer space, but they are confused as to whether the under counter freezer is really suitable for them. What are the advantages of an under counter freezer? Does it really cost a lot of money to run an under counter chiller?

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