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Buying the right under-counter freezer is not easy, and people usually spend days, weeks or even months saving and shopping. Therefore, when the underfloor freezer fails, it will make people very hesitant whether they should take the equipment for repair or buy a freezer of the heart. What should I do to avoid the underfloor freezer being often sent for repair?



How to arrange under counter chiller shelves

Many people find it difficult to organize their freezer at home, but in fact there are many ways to organize the space in the under counter chiller. Why is it important to organize the under counter freezer? How can I make the under-counter freezer shelf quickly and neatly and effectively?



How often should you clean an island freezer ?

At present, the use of frozen island cabinets is becoming more and more popular. The island freezers have the largest capacity in the freezer on the market. At the same time, it can accommodate multiple customers to buy food. So what is the maintenance method for the refrigerated island cabinet? How often does the equipment need to be cleaned?



How often should an under counter freezer be defrosted?

Over time, if your under counter freezer does not have an automatic defrost system, a thick layer of ice will accumulate inside the under counter freezer. Frost in the freezer can reduce the efficiency of the equipment, increase electricity bills, and make getting in and out of things tricky. So how often should we defrost the under counter freezer?



How long will a chest freezer last without power?

Power outages in refrigerators can easily cost hundreds of dollars in lost food, whether it's the cost of items or the cost of replacing them. Would it be different if you had a chest freezer at home? Is there a way to freeze food in a chest freezer during a power outage? How do we maintain our own chest home freezer?



How long do chest freezers last?

Chest freezers can hold a lot of food, and given their size, they're even cheap. But how long can a chest home freezer last? What method can lengthen the service life of chest type freezer?

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