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Dimensions and precautions for use of commercial display fridges

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Dimensions and precautions for use of commercial display fridges

A commercial display refrigerator is a kind of professional storage tool for storing all kinds of food that need to be frozen. It is widely used in various industries and families because of its excellent performance of keeping fresh, refrigerating and displaying. The following is a detailed introduction to the display refrigerator’s size and use matters needing attention.


Here is the content list:

l The sizes of display fridges

l Points for attention when using display fridges

display fridge


The sizes of display fridges

l Horizontal display refrigerator size in general, length between 1.1 meters - 1.5 meters, width between 0.45 meters - 0.7 meters, height between 0.8 meters - 1.05 meters.

l A vertical display refrigerator is more common in life. The size of the vertical display refrigerator should be different according to the brand. However, the size of the vertical display fridge is generally: 2050mm×700mm×2200mm, 2700mm×700mm×2200mm.


Points for attention when using display fridges

l It should be placed far away from the heat source and away from direct sunlight. Because it needs to exchange heat with the outside world during work, it dissipates heat to the outside world through the condenser. The higher the ambient temperature, the slower the heat dissipation, which will make the display refrigerator and freezer work longer, increase the power consumption and the poor refrigeration effect.

l Should be placed in the place with small humidity, because the display refrigerator, freezer shell, condenser and compressor are metal materials, if the air humidity is too large, it will make these parts rust, shorten the service life of the display refrigerator. At the same time, humid and overheated environment will cause condensation on the surface of the fridge and affect the performance of electrical appliances.

l Should be placed in a well-ventilated place, if the display refrigerator is surrounded by debris, or too close to the wall, is not conducive to heat dissipation and will affect the refrigeration effect. There should be a minimum height of 30CM on the top of the freezer, and a minimum height of 10CM on the back and both sides to facilitate heat dissipation.

l Should be placed on a flat and solid ground, and keep the compressor level. This is not only for safety, and can make the compressor smooth work, reduce vibration and noise.

l Should not be placed in places with low temperature. Because the temperature is too low, the compressor is difficult to start, so that the refrigeration of the freezer room is poor, which cannot be overcome. The display refrigerator can open the temperature compensation switch of the freezer room.

l Should not be placed in the environment of flammable, explosive and corrosive substances. Also don't put such items inside.


In addition to matters needing attention, the daily maintenance of the display refrigerator is also very important. Regularly clean the compressor and condenser, mainly defrosting, especially for the display cabinet of the straight-cold refrigerator which is easy to frosting. If the display refrigerator is not used for a long time, the power plug should be pulled out and the box should be wiped clean. After the box is fully dry, the door of the box should be closed, so that it can be kept clean.


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