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Industry News

Nowadays, with the development of economy and improvement of people’s living standard, we have higher demand for freshness of our foods& beverages, thus accelerating the development of refrigeration industry. And they have been in wide application throughout normal life.



Why Is Foaming So Important To Refrigeration

If you’re in refrigeration field, you’ll always hear such a term--foaming. For example, your customer may ask you: what is your foaming layer thickness? What is your foaming density? Clearly they all attach much importance to this issue.



How To Fabricate Deep Freezer In Factory?

With the development of science and technology, the refrigeration industry is accelerating development. The characteristics of refrigeration products are mainly reflected in the richer classification, the more precise refrigeration requirements, and closer to modern life. These are inseparable from the production of the product, how to produce commercial refrigerators in the factory? The following is a case of a deep freezer to introduce the production process of the freezer.



Why Can Small Factories Customize Refrigeration Products?

Normally when we chat with overseas customers, we’ll encounter such situation when they ask for modifications in our products: why do you always tell me that your company needs to make new molds for my modifications and require large quantity? I also work with small factories, and it’s very easy for them even if I need only several units



CCTV "quality" column

The company's brand "Meibaijia" has become a shortlisted brand in CCTV "quality" column. It has been rated by Suqian municipal government as "famous brand" since 2016.

If you are looking for a professional and cost-effective supplier for refrigeration, freezer and cooler products, please contact us immediately.




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