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With the development of COVID-19, more and more people focus on safety in life. Although there is no evidence to show where the virus comes from, we need to prepare a lot of protection measures as we can, especially for the livestock market.



Booming Of Online Activities Under Influence Of COVID 19
As now COVID 19 is getting serious all over the world, online activities are more and more important and practical actually for us, no matter in daily life or business. Online activities have infiltrated different fields and industries, and this change will be of great importance to our cognition of this fast developing world.



Can I put my chest freezer outside
Chest freezers are ideal for large families or for people who like to buy or store large amounts of food, but many people who buy largechest home freezers consider putting them outside. So does the chest type freezer affect its function and even its life?



Can chest freezers be frost free
Freezer frost accumulates is a thing that makes a person vexed, so a lot of people hope to buy frost free chest freezer, so frost free chest home freezer exists after all? What should we do to prevent the chest freezer from frosting?



Can you fill a chest freezer with water
Chest freezers can help us to store food for a long time in hot summer. When using chest freezers, what are some good ways to solve the problem of power consumption? Is it bad for the chest type freezer if you fill it with water?



The Impact Of Coronavirus In Catering Industry
At the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of coronavirus has great influence on various industries, especially the catering industry. This outbreak has caused great loss to the whole country, and as it can infect from people to people by droplet transmission, people in China all wear a mask when going out or even at home.
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