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Can I put my chest freezer outside

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Can I put my chest freezer outside

Chest freezers are ideal for large families or for people who like to buy or store large amounts of food, but many people who buy largechest home freezers consider putting them outside. So does the chest type freezer affect its function and even its life?

  • Can thechest freezer be placed outdoors?

  • What are the possible bad consequences of leaving the chest freezer outside?

  • Precautions for putting the chest freezer outdoors

  • How to clean the chest freezer?


Can the chest freezer be placed outdoors?

In addition to space, the most important consideration for placing a chest home freezer is convenience. If there is enough space to bypass the vehicle, it may work well to install the equipment in an additional garage accessible through the kitchen, but you must travel outdoors in rain, snow or darkness to access the separate garage. The space you choose must have enough space around it for air circulation and cleaning, and be close enough to the house for unloading and retrieving items.


While some chest freezers are strictly designed for indoor use, many freezers are designed to withstand temperature fluctuations and the more extreme conditions that occur outdoors. Once you've determined whether it's a box or a vertical freezer, choose the exact model based on the climate and conditions in your area.


People living in coastal areas should avoid leaving box coolers outside because salty air can corrode. In hot places, make sure your chest freezer is adequately protected from the sun. A mild climate is ideal for outdoor storage, although you may pay more for energy costs in the summer and less in the winter. If you need to consider theft or animal activity, consider leaving it in a garage or buying a freezer with a security lock system.


What are the possible bad consequences of leaving the chest freezer outside?

Cold weather problem. The chest type freezer is designed to withstand specific temperature tolerances and the refrigerant used will have an optimal temperature range. Because the compressor is located outside the equipment, unusually cold temperatures can freeze or reduce the viscosity of the oil used to lubricate moving parts. Any of these can lead to compressor failure or failure, which can lead to expensive maintenance.


Hot weather. Extremely high temperatures and humidity can cause box coolers to work harder to keep food cool, resulting in premature wear and tear on system components and excessive electricity bills.


Water damage. The chest home freezer runs on electricity and has electrical components, including a temperature regulator made up of a sophisticated electrical system. Not only can water cause a short circuit, but rust and other forms of corrosion can also clog motors, corrode seals or jam metal hinges. Keep the chest freezer on a damp garage floor or away from hoses, sprinklers or high pressure faucets to prevent water damage.


The wind damage. Box coolers are heavy equipment, but unless bolted to concrete, outdoor coolers can be buffeted by strong winds, which can push them too far from their power outlets and tip them over. Secure your investment through windbreaks to ensure safety and to ensure that other objects (such as tools or branches) do not easily damage the freezer in windy conditions.


Animal antics. A chest freezer full of food will attract animals and insects. Bugs and rodents can hide inside freezers and can bite wires, clog motors or block vents. Reduce the risk by spraying insect repellents around repellents and placing bait traps for insects and rodents around them.


Precautions for putting the chest freezer outdoors

1.Shelter from rain and snow.

2.Make sure there is enough airflow around the equipment.

3.Regularly check the chest freezer for leaks or damage, and remove debris from the surrounding area, such as leaves or leaves, which can cause fires.

4.In extreme cold, please pull the power plug; The weather will keep your items frozen without damaging the freezer.

5.Install a "freeze state" that is used to power down the device at a predetermined temperature.


How to clean the chest freezer?

1.Even if the device has an off switch, unplug the chest freezer before cleaning it. This will prevent the risk of electric shock and injury from defrosting and cleaning the fridge.

2.Make sure your chest type freezer is located in a clean place and does not cause any damage to the floor or equipment. Put old newspapers and towels under the equipment if necessary.

3.When taking frozen food out of the chest home freezer, write the name and date on the label and container. Look at the food and smell it. Discard any frozen food that has gone bad.

4.Store all frozen foods in plastic containers or large containers with LIDS. By storing all frozen foods together in sealed storage containers, you can prevent premature thawing while cleaning the chest freezer. You may want to line these containers with paper and plastic bags to make it easier to clean when you put food back in the fridge.

5.After taking out all the food, taking stock and putting it into the storage box, you need to defrost the chest home freezer. The defrosting process can take several hours if only the lid of the device is opened. Defrosting the chest freezer will remove all frost and ice that covers the walls and baskets. Once all the ice and frost has melted, unplug the drain pipe or drain pipe from the chest freezer. Let all the water run off. Use a neutral cleaner (such as dishwashing detergent) or turn green, then use baking soda or vinegar to clean the chest freezer.

6.Now it's time to put all the frozen food back in the freezer. To prevent cross-contamination and forgetting, tidy up your food before putting it back in the fridge. Keep all foods that have a long shelf life in the bottom. Store all meat categories in one area at the bottom. Put other types of food in another area. Keep a small bag of your most commonly used items on top of other frozen foods. Although your chest home freezer may seem cramped once full, you can maximize space by strategically organizing the right items.

7.Keep a list of the foods you make as you count them and tape or magnet them to the top of the chest freezer. Keep your pen or pencil nearby so you can add and cross it out each time you put it in the fridge.

8.While there is no quick way to clean a chest type freezer, you can simplify the process by cleaning the equipment twice or three times a year.


There is no reason why a chest home freezer should not be placed outdoors, since the life of the chest freezer depends on protecting the equipment from water, extreme temperatures, wind damage and animal invasion. If you want to buy high-quality chest freezer with reasonable price, Meibaijia Electrical Technology Company can provide you with the best products.


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