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Commercial display fridges should be cleaned at least twice a year. Commercial display refrigerators and other refrigeration equipment in the use of the process will inevitably appear the size of the problem. Standard use and regular maintenance, will greatly reduce the frequency of maintenance.



How to choose the commercial display fridge?

We know that different food and beverage enterprises have different commercial display refrigerator needs. If you are a commercial kitchen that has to handle a lot of food, you may need several display fridges to store and serve different purposes. Smaller cafes may only need a small commercial display refrigerator. The following is to introduce some factors that should be paid attention to when choosing commercial display refrigerators.



Dimensions and precautions for use of commercial display fridges

A commercial display refrigerator is a kind of professional storage tool for storing all kinds of food that need to be frozen. It is widely used in various industries and families because of its excellent performance of keeping fresh, refrigerating and displaying. The following is a detailed introduction to the display refrigerator’s size and use matters needing attention.



Brief introduction to commercial display fridge

As the terminal equipment in the food cold chain, the display fridge plays an important role in ensuring food quality and safety. There are various types and types of commercial display fridges for food, among which the open commercial display fridges can not only provide suitable refrigerated temperature for food, but also display food, beautify the shopping environment and stimulate consumption. After years of development, it has become essential equipment in supermarkets.



What is a kitchen fridge?

The kitchen fridge, also known as the kitchen freezer, is a low-temperature storage device used for food storage in the catering industry. Because the kitchen fridge is used for the environment after the kitchen, and to contact food and raw materials, should have wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistance, fire prevention, antimicrobial, sanitary and other characteristics, so the kitchen fridge is generally stainless steel.



What are the advantages of a kitchen fridge?

The kitchen fridge has a good storage effect, not only has professional storage temperature requirements, but also has strong requirements for display. Let's introduce the advantages of the kitchen fridge.

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