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The specifications of the cake refrigerator

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The specifications of the cake refrigerator

We have a lot of common cake refrigerator, can be roughly divided into supermarket cake refrigerator, front sliding door cake refrigerator, extra-large capacity cake refrigerator. Different cupboards come in different sizes, but you can also choose to have them made to order. This article will introduce the general sizes of different cupboards.

Here is the content list:

l The size of supermarket cake refrigerator

l The size of the front sliding door cake refrigerator

l The size of the extra-large capacity cake refrigerator

l The size of the cake refrigerator against the wall

The size of supermarket cake refrigerator

l Use a variety of shelves to make, Angle can combine freely to adjust very convenient, integral mobile type layer is worn but free adjustment, it is to use glass to make, clean rises very convenient also.

l The height of the layer shelf can be adjusted freely, making it very convenient for customers and sellers to get things. The forced air-cooling cycle makes the cake keep fresh for a longer time. The hollow laminated safety heating glass improves the safety factor.

l The supermarket cake display chiller in the glass window has three sizes, 1200*700*1180mm, 1500*700*1180mm and 1800*700*1180mm, which can be used to display cakes and bread.

The size of the front sliding door cake refrigerator

l High texture design, multiple wide angle and high transparency display window, matched with stainless steel mirror frame and high-grade marble stone, fully foil to show the quality of goods.

l The whole series adopts the original imported compressor, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, durable, air cooling refrigeration cycle cooling system, can even maintain 70% to 90% of the humidity inside the cabinet, keep the best color and taste of fresh cake, digital electronic temperature control display, can set the temperature, timing defrosting and other functions.

l The front sliding door cake showcase refrigerator has four sizes, which are 1200*750*1250mm, 1500*750*1250mm, 1800*750*1250mm and 2000*750*1250mm. You can choose the most suitable size according to your needs.

The size of the extra-large capacity cake refrigerator

l Made of stainless steel, new sliding door design, the use of an efficient fan in the cabinet forced heat exchange, refrigeration parts are the world famous brand products, improve the display of goods, set beautiful, energy saving, not easy to corrode in a new type of cake display chiller.

l There are two sizes of the cake refrigerator, 1000*900*1500mm and 1000*900*1200mm respectively. The size of the cake counter display in front is between 15-20 cakes.

The size of the cake refrigerator against the wall

l The cake refrigerator that puts by the wall, what the back board uses is the opaque layout, avoid the direct firing of lamplight, let the shelf life of the cake extend to two and a half days, also can make the form of sliding door at the same time, the customer can choose freely.

l The color is mainly black + white transparent glass combination mode, the top is equipped with a light box piece, the lamp inside the cabinet is an optional fluorescent lamp, so that the goods appear more vitality, the bottom of the use of marble, appear more beautiful and generous. The size is 1500*860*1200.

A cake display chiller is a refrigerated storage cabinet for displaying cakes. Widely used in cake shops, gift shops, small supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. There is a minimum order quantity for the cake refrigerator.


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