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The technical features of the cake refrigerator

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The technical features of the cake refrigerator

We all know that cake display chillers can keep cakes fresh, display cakes, and bring better display effects to the store. This article will introduce some technical features of the cake refrigerator to help us better understand it, so that we can better use the cake display chiller, and more effectively reduce the frequency of failure of it.

Here is the content list:

l The working principle

l Ways to work

l Technical characteristics

The working principle

Generally speaking, the working principle of the cake showcase refrigerator is similar to that of air conditioning. Through the work of the compressor, the refrigerant is compressed to liquefy the refrigerant and release heat in the cake display. When the refrigerant is sent to the refrigeration area, the pressure is reduced, and the refrigerant vaporizes and absorbs a lot of heat. In this cycle, the compressed refrigeration system keeps a steady stream of heat from the inside of the refrigerator to the outside, and this refrigeration is realized.

Ways to work

l The evaporator in the refrigeration area will absorb heat and then become cold, and the air will be cooled through the evaporator and blown out by the cross-flow fan. This design of the cake refrigerator is called air-cooled.

l In addition to air-cooled, there is another way of working cake display called direct cooling, which is not the use of fans and direct cooling. Dual cake display chiller adopts the direct cooling design, which is very beneficial to the preservation of vegetables, which can ensure that vegetables will not be blown dry for a long time, and also makes other foods fresher. However, this dual-system cake display chiller is only applied to high-end cake display, which is not common on the general cake display chiller.

The two kinds of cake refrigerators have their own advantages and disadvantages. The air-cooled refrigeration is faster and suitable for rapid refrigeration. However, the drawback of air-cooled cake display chiller is also obvious. Due to the addition of electric fans, it inevitably brings additional noise and power consumption.

Technical characteristics

l The cake display is equipped with an energy-saving curtain at night for use at night and other non-business hours. Further energy saving, reduce the cost of use. Options: curtain, shelf lighting, label rack, glass end plate and mirror end plate for selection.

l Adopt a wide weather zone and resist harsh working conditions. Large area efficient evaporator, reduce frost deposition, greatly increase the effective use area. Adopt asymmetric eddy current cold air curtain, all-directional cold air transmission inside the cabinet, more uniform temperature;

l Appearance using high quality anti-collision profiles, no deformation, corrosion resistance, seamless splicing, luxurious appearance. The panoramic design, using tempered insulating glass, high strength, high definition, good display effect. Multi-layer shelf free combination, adjustable Angle, double row of lights, better display effect;

l The defrosting process of cake display chiller adopts the dual control of defrosting temperature and defrosting time to save electric energy. Controllers are available in electronic and mechanical forms. Different temperature ranges can be set according to different use requirements. There are two basic specifications, can be any stitching, optional head cabinet, and with 45℃ and 90℃ inside and outside corners.

Through the understanding of the technical characteristics of the cake showcase refrigerator, we can choose the most appropriate cake display chiller for the products we want to keep fresh.


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