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How to clean and maintain commercial display fridges?

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How to clean and maintain commercial display fridges?

Commercial display fridges should be cleaned at least twice a year. Commercial display refrigerators and other refrigeration equipment in the use of the process will inevitably appear the size of the problem. Standard use and regular maintenance, will greatly reduce the frequency of maintenance.


Here is the content list:

l Regularly clean

l How to Avoid Odors

l Daily maintenance

display fridge


Regularly clean

Commercial display refrigerators should be cleaned at least twice a year. Power supply is cut off first when clean refrigerator, dip in with soft cloth clear water or essence of wash clean, scrub gently, dip in clear water next wipe essence of wash clean. After cleaning, put the power plug in firmly and check whether the temperature controller is set in the correct position.


How to Avoid Odors

l The display refrigerator that produces a peculiar smell is generally due to the breeding of bacteria in the enclosed space, and the direct ice box is mostly designed with airtight, so if the conditions permit, the air-cooled display refrigerator can be opened, so that the occurrence of different can be reduced.

l For the food in the fridge, put it in a bag or box before storing it in the display refrigerator. For fruits and vegetables, remove dirt and remove rotting leaves before putting them in the refrigerator. Clean the interior of the display refrigerator regularly daily to remove the living environment of bacteria, so as to reduce the occurrence of odor.


Daily maintenance

l Display fridges are properly placed. Commercial display refrigerators should be placed on flat ground, and should be cool and ventilated. They should not lie horizontally or be placed in a place where the sun refracted. There should be no objects around the commercial display refrigerator to block heat dissipation, and things should not be put on the top.

l Temperature regulation of display fridges. Commercial display refrigerators can adjust the color and temperature according to the temperature changes of the four seasons, so as to reduce the power and reduce the load of the compressor of commercial display refrigerators.

l Food storage in display fridges. Food in commercial display refrigerators can only be put in after cooling, and it should not be put in too much at one time. Too much food should not be placed in the air outlet of commercial display fridges to prevent the air outlet from being blocked.

l Opening and closing of display refrigerators. The number of opening doors of commercial display fridges should be reduced as far as possible, and the opening time should be shortened as far as possible to prevent the cold air in the fridge from overflowing and the hot air outside the refrigerator from entering, resulting in increased power consumption and longer working time of the compressor.

l Display refrigerators out of service. If the commercial display refrigerator needs to be discontinued, first clean it according to the above cleaning measures and wait for complete drying. And after disuse at least once or twice a month to power the commercial display refrigerator to run for about 10 minutes.


Commercial display refrigerators are easy to clean and maintain. In general, as long as you pay attention to its normative use, you shouldn't have too many problems.


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