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Can you fill a chest freezer with water

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Can you fill a chest freezer with water

Chest freezers can help us to store food for a long time in hot summer. When using chest freezers, what are some good ways to solve the problem of power consumption? Is it bad for the chest type freezer if you fill it with water?

  • What happens when the chest type freezer is full of water?

  • Why is there always water in the chest freezer?

  • The method that avoids chest freezer accumulates water

  • How to save electricity in chest freezer


What happens when the chest type freezer is full of water?

1.General chest home freezer does not suit to fill clear water, the freezer ark that fills clear water is called water ark, water ark has rated water level line, water level line is located at the position of 1/3 height of freezer normally, exceed water level line also can have an effect to freezer. The impact of too much water in the water tank on the freezer mainly includes the following aspects.

2.It will exceed the rated capacity of the chest freezer, resulting in damage to the roller or fixed foot of the chest freezer.

3.The refrigerating effect of chest freezer becomes bad, because freezer is designed according to rated quantity of water, exceed can affect refrigerating effect of freezer, refrigerating time spends more.

4.The increase of the cooling water will cause the chest type freezer not to shut down for a long time, resulting in the burning and damage of the compressor.

5.The increase of the operating load of the chest freezer leads to the increase of the power consumption of the chest freezer.

6.The water cabinet is usually filled with water, used to refrigerate mineral water and other articles, with the characteristics of fast refrigeration speed and even refrigeration effect, because the thermal conductivity of water is better than air, so it is suitable for some fast and large amount of refrigeration place.


Why is there always water in the chest freezer?

1.Cold room thermostat gear adjustment is not appropriate, now the thermostat is generally the larger the temperature is lower.

2.The food of chest type freezer is placed after slant, close to the inner tank of the back, because the condenser is in now both sides, the back has refrigerating line to be able to cause ice. The thermostat is out of order. It can't accurately detect temperature changes. More serious is, the back of the refrigeration line with gold lining too close, resulting in ice.

3.Frosting process. Summer environment temperature is very high, and temperature freezer temperature is very low, when people open freezer frequently, can make freezer inside and outside have a very apparent temperature difference, the water vapor in the environment encounters cold suddenly in freezer freezer, condensate is frost, if not handled in time for a long time will form thick layer of ice.


The method that avoids chest freezer accumulates water

1.When using chest freezer at ordinary times, want to accomplish frequent change frost, it also is a measure that saves electricity.

2.Adjust the water funnel to the water tray.

3.Don't set the temperature in the freezer below 0°C, usually 2 to 6°C to prevent water from freezing.

4.When refrigerating beverage, want to handle gently gently, contain bottle cap plastic container, should stand on want door fan food rack, if put on food shelf, bottle cap should tighten, in case liquid flows out.

5.When use chest type freezer, open good door and close tight door is an important job, demand is careful, ability prevents to run cold; If the sealing strip is found damaged, it should be repaired in time; And the request at all times to pay attention to the door edge and tape on whether there is dirt, if found, immediately erase.

6.Hot food is not allowed in the freezer, to wait for natural cold to room temperature, then put into the chest freezer room.

7.To contain moisture much food, want to pack with plastic bag, bag mouth wants to tie tightly, in case the water vapor in food evaporates, increase the quantity of water inside freezer.

8.The temperature of the chest freezer in the cabinet freezer should not be lower than 0°C, should be controlled in 2-6°C this appropriate, at this time the bottled beverage will not burst.

9. In the summer, the freezer outside the water container put some water, and then in the chest home freezer outlet tube head, connected to a rubber tube, the other end of the tube submerged in water, so as to prevent the outside hot air into the freezer condensation dripping.

10.When freezing ice cubes or popsicles, the water in the ice maker should not be too full, generally add 80% of the capacity is good.


How to save electricity in chest freezer

1.When buying chest freezer, should according to oneself home actual situation, for instance the quantity that buys food material at ordinary times, the space that reserves to snow freezer has how much to wait, will choose appropriate capacity size. And now the electrical appliances will have energy-saving label, in the same volume of the case must choose the most energy-saving energy efficiency.

2.The place of chest home freezer. The position choice that freezer places should be to avoid sunshine direct illuminate, benefit ventilated, want to keep a paragraph of distance with metope at the same time, so that the heat that produces when freezer of box type operates can send out.

3.Check for tightness. To often check the seal of the freezer, if the seal deformation, it will affect the tightness of the closure, resulting in leakage of cold air, thereby increasing the consumption of electricity. If the deformation is serious, should be timely maintenance and replacement.

4.Defrost regularly. After freezer is used for a period of time, can produce frost of a few frost, if cannot change frost regularly, so can affect refrigeration effect, and consumption of electricity also can increase, damage compressor easily even. Therefore, the frost should be melted whenever it is seen to be more than 7cm thick.

5.Reduce the number of doors. Every time you open the door, cold air will be exposed, hot air invasion, so you have to run the compressor again to cool. So try to get as many ingredients as you can at once, and do it quickly, and don't open the door at too wide an Angle to minimize the loss of air conditioning.

6.Don't leave the chest type freezer empty. If you don't have a lot in stock these days, don't leave the freezer empty. It's a drain on electricity. A good idea is to put a few small POTS of water in it and let it freeze, which helps keep it cold and USES less energy.

In addition to the actual situation to choose and buy chest home freezer according to their own, but also to understand the knowledge of chest freezer use error zone. If you want to buy high-quality chest freezer with reasonable price, Meibaijia Electrical Technology Company can provide you with the best products.


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