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The Impact Of Coronavirus In Catering Industry

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The Impact Of Coronavirus In Catering Industry

At the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of coronavirus has great influence on various industries, especially the catering industry. This outbreak has caused great loss to the whole country, and as it can infect from people to people by droplet transmission, people in China all wear a mask when going out or even at home.

This urgent situation has made China ever harder during Chinese Lunar new year---Spring Festival. In former years this time, people will visit their relatives and stay together to have fun, this year, we all stay at our own home to avoid the risk of being infected and spreading of virus. The catering industry has been under great shock in the following aspects:


1. Decrease in flow of customers

In this special time, citizens are called on to stay at home, and they all realize the risk to eat outside, so most restaurants are closed during Spring Festival, while it is far more prosperous in former years for families or friends to gather. In addition, many weddings(Chinese couples prefer to have wedding during Spring Festival since most people have holidays and have time to attend the wedding) and celebrations are cancelled or delayed to avoid people gathering. It’s cold winter for catering industries.


2. Spoilage in vegetables and fruits

We all know that catering industries usually have stock for foods, especially during spring festival. As weddings and celebrations all cancelled or delayed, the vegetables and fruits preserved by hotels are too much and easily spoiled, this is also great loss to them.


3. High rental for sites

Despite the hard situation of catering industry, they need to pay high rental as usual for the places, and as some small restaurants can’t support the rental without income, they have to close the stores. It’s very realistic issue whether you have cash flow when encountering crisis.


4. Future loss

During this full isolation period, people have to stay at home and cook by themselves. They start to learn cooking skills and realize the importance of self-cooking, this will also have great impact in catering industry in future a few months.


Crisis is unpredictable, and what we can do is seize the moment and be fully prepared to any possible shock. MEIBAIJIA will have all our factory and refrigeration equipments disinfected to ensure the safety of all customers.

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