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Refrigerator equipment plays an important role in commercial kitchen for catering and food industry, and maintenance fee for these equipment takes a great number of part cost for running catering shop, and if we pay attention for regular maintenance, then user can save cost, further to enlarge the lifespan of refrigeration equipment.



How To Maintain The Freezer Life During The Peak Season?

Summer is the peak period of using the freezer, facing the heat, the refrigerator may have various problems. In order to avoid accidents, the use of specifications and regular cleaning are very important. Regular maintenance can also extend the life of the freezer. How to properly regulate the freezer?



What’s The Difference Between Fan Cooling& Static Cooling Beverage Coolers?

Normally when we’re in supermarkets or convenient stores, we can see 2 types of beverage coolers: one is with fan and clear glass; another is without fan and with condensations on glass.Yes, that’s what we call fan cooling and static cooling. And there’s a third type: static cooling with fan, the so called “fake fan cooling” type.



How To Clean Commercial Refrigerator

Whether it's a supermarket, a convenience store or a hotel kitchen, refrigerator is very important equipment, so regular maintenance and cleaning are essential. Commercial refrigerators store a large number of goods or ingredients, then it’s not a easy thing to clean this unit. The following small tips help to clean the refrigerator.



Commercial Kitchen Freezer Repair

Precautions before using the new freezer The freezer should be placed for two hours and then energized; the electricity must be pre-cooled three hours before the inventory, and the product can be placed when the temperature of the refrigerator drops below minus 18 degrees Celsius.



How To Choose A Right Chest Freezer

As an inexperienced buyer of electrical appliance, how should we choose the right one for our home or kitchen among the various brands and commodities when we know nothing about them? Here we take chest freezer as an example.

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