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What are the characteristics of chest freezer?

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What are the characteristics of chest freezer?

The chest freezer is designed to be considered an important part of the food business, but what makes it so popular? Is the chest type freezer suitable for family use? How do we choose the right chest home freezer for ourselves?


l   Features of chest freezer

l   Which chest freezer functions should I choose?

l   What size chest home freezer should I buy?

l   How to use the chest freezer to extend its life?


Features of chest freezer

These units are very spacious and allow you to store a large amount of food at the same time. The ability to store large amounts of food can also help you save a lot of money because buying food in bulk is always cheaper than buying small amounts. If you think about their size, they're very cheap. They can hold food of any size and shape because they have a lot of storage space. Joint meat and other large items cannot be put into the conventional freezer, but chest fresh meat freezer is very suitable for such items. The best thing about these freezers is that they provide more free space than any other freezer. In this unit, no space is wasted, which is why it has the capacity to accommodate large quantities of food of any size and shape.


Chest freezers are open, with the exception of removable hanging baskets or sometimes dividers, so they provide more usable space than vertical chest type freezers. These models are also more energy efficient and are less likely to cause chest freezer burns on food. Because they don't thaw automatically like columns, the temperature stays low. They are also better options if your area is prone to power shortages or power failures -- they tend to keep food frozen longer when the power is off. We found that they tend to be quieter than self-thawing columns.


The downside of chest home freezers is that although the baskets are suspended, they are more difficult to organize than vertical models, and it is easy to retrieve items buried near the bottom of the chest. They also have a larger footprint than the equivalent vertical model - the 22 cubic feet chest freezer takes up 2 by 6 feet of floor space, while the equivalent vertical requires 2 x 2. Manual defrosting (which can be time-consuming) is the only option.


Which chest freezer functions should I choose?

Chest type freezer does not have many functions to consider. The biggest difference between them and other types of freezers is that most freezers require manual defrosting. Frost-free options are few and far between. Here are the main features to consider:


Storage basket. They hang from the main compartment and are useful for keeping smaller items in easy to find places. They are also ideal for storing open packed peas and fries vertically to prevent them from spilling into the main freezer section.

The balance of cover. After lifting the cover of the chest freezer, fix it in the open position. You can add food or stir fry freely with your hands to find the items you need. Without this, you'll have to lift the lid with one hand while the other reaches inside.


High temperature warning. These alarms or indicators are activated if the temperature in the chest freezer starts to rise. This should give you plenty of time to investigate the problem and help you avoid having to discard the entire contents of the fridge.

The lock. Being able to lock the lid of your chest freezer is a valuable safety feature, especially if there are small children around. It can also help prevent items from being stolen from the freezer - very handy if they are stored in a garage.


What size chest home freezer should I buy?

The chest freezer comes in a variety of sizes. From a small square model 54 centimeters wide and 61 centimeters deep, to a floor space similar to that of an off-stage freezer, to a giant deep box 115 centimeters long. The size of your purchase will depend on the amount of space you have to put in and the amount of food to store. Some people want a large freezer to hold a large amount of food. Others prefer smaller models that save space to accommodate frozen-food spills that can't fit in the main kitchen freezer.


How to use the chest freezer to extend its life?

1.         Keep your chest freezer in a cool place, such as a basement, where the temperature is often well below room temperature. Even though most manufacturers say the model can operate at temperatures up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, check product information for specifications.

2.         Reduce frost by reducing the frequency of opening LIDS or doors. Keep a list of internal contents so you don't have to look around. Label food for the same reason.

3.         Store food properly repackaging food in several layers of plastic wrap helps reduce moisture loss and freezer burns. Some common freezing rules of thumb: you can freeze ground beef for four months and whole chicken for a year. A pack of hot dogs will only stay frozen for a month or two.


If you're the type of person who likes to store a lot of food at home, a chest type freezer is a good fit. If you want to buy high-quality chest freezer with reasonable price, Meibaijia Electrical Technology Company can provide you with the best products.

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