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Butchery or chicken shop is one of necessary parts in food market, and butchery shops especially in Africa are very hot. It seems an easy available business, actually you need know more detail information. However, how to set up a butcher shop? Here we would share some tips and equipment (meat display chiller) you may need.



The Development Of Cake Showcase In Chinese Market

Unlike in European countries, cake showcase is of short history and low standard in Chinese market. Many cake showcase factories actually develop from stainless steel processing industry, appliance maintenance field or even pure agent. Therefore, we can find cake showcases of various quality standards and different price ranges in the market.



How To Keep Display Cooler Glass Door From Fogging Up

With the development of social economy, more and more people focus on food safety in daily life. Display cooler is very common in supermarket, convenient shop, vegetable markets and butchery shop to slow down the spoilage of food, but you may notice there are some condensation on the glass door, especially happens after rainy day.



The Transportation Of Commercial Refrigeration Products

With the development of logistics industry, people all over China have the chance to enjoy convenience brought by commercial refrigeration products. While as the distance and traffic conditions differ in different areas, the items received can be in very bad conditions.



How To Choose Ice Cream Chest Freezer

Ice cream products are popular in the summer, they have different kinds of flavor to meet consumers’ requirement. For ice cream factory or convenience store, how to choose ice cream chest freezer to help promote ice cream or popsicles, here are some tips for reference ( for ice cream with package).A



The Advantages Of MEIBAIJIA Meat Chiller Showcase

Indeed we’ve designed and manufactured various types of commercial refrigeration products in MEIBAIJIA, among all these series, meat chiller showcase is very popular in different countries.
In some areas they also call it butchery equipment, as the name suggests, it’s mainly for meat storage, and precisely, for fresh meat, since the cooling temperature is 10-0 degree. So why is our meat chiller so popular?

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