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With the development of social economy, people's awareness of environmental protection has been strengthened, and energy conservation has remained high. Freezers are an integral part of commercial equipment, and commercial freezers are critical to the food store, restaurant and food industries.



The Application Of Refrigeration Products

Nowadays, with the development of economy and improvement of people’s living standard, we have higher demand for freshness of our foods& beverages, thus accelerating the development of refrigeration industry. And they have been in wide application throughout normal life.



When The Freezer Is Used At The Peak, How To Check The Function?

In the late summer and early autumn season, the freezer is still in the peak period of use in the industry. Many merchants will find that their own freezer cooling effect is poor or even not cooling, melted ice cream, non-cooled beverages, and deteriorated frozen foods.



Commercial Refrigeration

With the acceleration of China's urbanization process and the gradual cracking of the urban-rural dual structure, various commercial service places are rapidly emerging. Commercial services such as large supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, entertainment clubs and other places are no longer satisfied with the development of big cities. The business is laid out in small and medium-sized cities, and various commercial refrigeration equipment are springing up as they should.



Suggestions About Using Commercial Freezer In Kitchen

Refrigerator equipment plays an important role in commercial kitchen for catering and food industry, and maintenance fee for these equipment takes a great number of part cost for running catering shop, and if we pay attention for regular maintenance, then user can save cost, further to enlarge the lifespan of refrigeration equipment.



Why Is Foaming So Important To Refrigeration

If you’re in refrigeration field, you’ll always hear such a term--foaming. For example, your customer may ask you: what is your foaming layer thickness? What is your foaming density? Clearly they all attach much importance to this issue.

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