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What happens if your under counter chiller is too full?

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What happens if your under counter chiller is too full?

The under-counter freezer is a household appliance that is commonly used by everyone. If there is no freezer, the fresh food purchased will soon be damaged. But for this reason, many people stuff their food into under counter chiller. So what's the effect of putting too much stuff under counter chiller?


Can the contents of the under counter freezer be full?

Misuse of under counter freezer

Function of under-counter freezer besides frozen food


Can the contents of the under counter freezer be full?

If the contents of the underfloor freezer are too full, it will not have much effect, but it is best not to stuff the contents of the freezer, which may affect the refrigeration of the freezer, so this must be said. It should be noted that it is best not to be full, and when buying vegetables, pay attention to buying and eating, and do not buy too many vegetables. After purchasing an under-counter freezer, if you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the freezer, then the freezer will also have problems. Therefore, freezer maintenance is very important. First of all, you should regularly clean under counter chiller to remove the ice and dirt attached to the freezer. Second, the condenser fins of the freezer also need to be cleaned with a soft brush. And when you clean up, you must remember to turn off the power of the freezer, and nothing else should happen.


Misuse of under counter freezer

1.       Your freezer is messy. One of the biggest keys to the effective use of underfloor freezers is to keep them organized. It's easy to lose things if you just pile things in an under counter freezer just for no rhythm or reason. Some things may be pushed to the back of the underfloor freezer and forgotten! Instead, use refrigerators or shelves to make items visible and easy to access.

2.       Your food is not properly sealed. In order to prevent "freezer burns" from food, it is important to avoid air ingress! Press the ziplock bag, aluminum foil or plastic wrap as close as possible to the food. If you use a sturdy container, fill it up almost. But be sure to leave enough space for the food to swell a bit when it freezes! When you return the packaged food to the under counter freezer, please throw the remaining food into a ziplock bag in advance.

3.       You freeze things together. Freezing separate foods (such as berries, burger patties, biscuit dough, etc.) in bags or containers will leave frozen food pieces. Not super helpful if you want to use it in small quantities when needed! Instead, freeze the food on a baking sheet before transferring the frozen food to a self-sealing freezer bag. If you freeze things separately first, they won't stick together. It's so easy to delete a little at a time!

4.       Your frozen spoiled food. Although freezing does preserve food, it does not restore its freshness. Muffins that are frozen near old age will never taste as good as muffins that were frozen on the day of baking! So stay realistic about the food you want to eat in the next few days and freeze the rest.

5.       You thaw at room temperature. If you thaw meat, poultry, and seafood on a countertop, there is a chance that bacteria will grow before the bacteria are completely thawed. Instead, plan ahead and place your meat products in an under counter freezer the day before you use them. They will thaw slowly and safely in your under counter freezer!

6.       Open the underfloor freezer during a power outage. When the power is off, make sure to keep it off! Your freezer is well insulated and can stay cold for several hours, but only if the door is kept closed. After turning the power back on, check the food. Anything that is still frozen should be fine, but anything that has been thawed should be consumed or thrown away immediately. You cannot be too secure!

7.       You block the ventilation holes. Preventing air from flowing into or out of the underfloor freezer can cause temperature fluctuations, which is not good! Make sure to leave a few inches of space around the vents to ensure free air flow.

8.       You don't post things. Once the food is properly frozen, it can be more accurately distinguished. You don't want to accidentally pair pasta with salsa instead of marinara sauce! Be sure to mark all items placed in the under counter freezer. You can write on a ziplock bag with sharpei. Cover reusable under counter freezer containers with markers and tape!

9.       You are not dating. Even if food is stored in an under-counter freezer, the food eventually loses its taste and texture. To ensure that you start eating frozen foods when they are good, please date all foods. Writing the most important date is when it was placed in the under counter freezer, but it is also helpful to write the "date of use" on it.

10.    Your packaging of all frozen foods can take up a lot of space in the under counter freezer. Just take the frozen food out of the box and you can make a lot of space! (Especially with foods like frozen waffles-you don't need instructions for a toaster waffle!) Remove individually packaged food from the box and store it in a flexible ziplock bag. Use the freezer as mentioned above to keep things tidy!


Function of under-counter freezer besides frozen food

1.       Open the envelope. Have you ever sealed an envelope and found that you missed something important? so annoying! Fortunately, your under counter freezer can help you repair it. Simply place the sealed envelope in a ziplock bag and place it in the under counter freezer for 1 to 2 hours. Then remove it and immediately open it with a blunt knife or letter opener. Then, return the envelope to room temperature and re-wet the adhesive to seal the envelope again.

2.       Make candles last. Before burning, place new candles in the under counter freezer for a day. Frozen wax burns slowly. For some candles, it can prevent the wax from dripping.

3.       Clean jeans. If the threat of fading or shrinking makes you uneasy about washing denim, this is a cool trick! When your jeans may need some freshness, roll them up and stick them in a canvas bag. Leave the canvas bag in the under counter freezer overnight. The low temperature in the under counter freezer kills odor-causing bacteria, so your jeans will smell fresher the next day!

4.       Kill the bugs. Wooden antiques can sometimes hide beetle larvae-woodworms. These little creatures can chew whole wooden antiques, leaving ugly holes. If you take home a new wooden item and you are not sure if there are any bugs, leave it in the under counter freezer for a few weeks. Prolonged exposure to low temperatures should kill any worms. Other home furnishings may attract small creepy reptiles, including bedding. Dust mites like bedding because they usually have dead skin cells everywhere. You can keep the problematic items in an under-counter freezer overnight to prevent dust. Wash it in the morning and it will be fresh, clean and error free!

5.       Simplified cling film. If the plastic wrap keeps sticking to you, it can be irritating! Use an under counter freezer to simplify the process. Just cling the cling film to the under counter freezer for a few minutes, which reduces sticking and makes it easier to handle. (However, do not store it in the under counter freezer for too long, or you will lose its ability to hold it.)

6.       Save the seed. If you have extra seeds to keep until the next planting season, you can keep them fresh in the under counter freezer! First make sure they are completely dry, then put them in a closed container in the under counter freezer. Then pull them out next spring and make your own seed tape!


An empty under counter freezer is less efficient than a full freezer, but on the other hand, you don't have to fill the entire freezer, as this will prevent air from flowing properly. If you want to buy high-quality under counter freezer with reasonable price, Meibaijia Electrical Technology Company can provide you with the best products.

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