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Why Can Small Factories Customize Refrigeration Products?

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Why Can Small Factories Customize Refrigeration Products?

Normally when we chat with overseas customers, we’ll encounter such situation when they ask for modifications in our products: why do you always tell me that your company needs to make new molds for my modifications and require large quantity? I also work with small factories, and it’s very easy for them even if I need only several units.

Yes, this happens a lot, and you can know the differences between small factories and big groups by this problem.

Big Factory Operation

Let’s see how a big factory operates. They need to do mass production for each model, so in the factory you’ll see less workers and more automatic machines, which means most procedures are done by machines. That’s why we need to make molds for many changes required by customers.

Of course, we need to know the modifications first. Let take chest freezer as an example. If your customer asks you for the size modification, can you do it successfully in a big factory without making new molds? The answer is no. When the size changes, the foaming machine mold also changes to fit the freezer body and doors. While in small factories, they use manpower to cut the plates and combine them together, then they inject the foaming agent by themselves and in that way, the foaming process won’t be as uniform and compact as they do with machines.

Small Factory Operation

In a small factory, they can do various modifications by manpower, but they have low efficiency, and the finishing normally can not satisfy the customers.

So what changes can they do to a chest freezer without changing the mold? If they need to change the color of the body, then there’s no need to make new mold, since the color is painted on the machines. And if they make small changes like changing a controller or printing logo on the machines, it’s simple and easy to meet customers’ requirements. Concerning dimension and appearance changing, it’s nearly impossible to realize without new molds.

If you’re customer, which kind of factory will you choose? Flexible one or rigid one? I guess most will choose the big one. As we need to make ourselves assured, and big factories have thorough after sales system and quality assurance in case of any problem. As a big factory, MEIBCA makes great efforts to perfect its after sales system and quality control.  

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