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The Maintenance Of Under Counter Freezer/Chiller

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The Maintenance Of Under Counter Freezer/Chiller

With the development of economy, we have higher demand for our health and living standard, so we introduce a variety of advanced devices to help us enjoy life. And for restaurants and home kitchens, they’ll also need special equipments to ensure freshness and safety of foods.


Size of under counter freezer/chiller

Normally under counter freezer/chiller (also known as table freezer/chiller/refrigerator) is popular for commercial kitchens, and in MEIBAIJIA you can find them with different sizes and styles. Common sizes we know are 1200/1500/1800x600/800x800mm, and some customers may require 3 doors for 1800mm type.


Material of under counter freezer/chiller

For materials, in China we usually supply ss430 and ss201 for option: if one operates a small restaurant or snack shop, we’ll recommend ss430 under counter freezer/chiller and they’re more inclined to accept this type for its cheap price; if we sell to customers with a certain scale, they may choose ss201 since it looks brighter and more attractive.


Maintenance of under counter freezer/chiller

For the maintenance of such kitchen equipments, you may wonder: is it necessary to maintain them? How can we maintain our counter chiller/freezer? We can have positive answer in this question: the proper maintenance of table freezer/chiller will greatly increase its service life and decrease much unnecessary loss and trouble. So MEIBAIJIA here will share some necessary knowledge for maintenance of under counter freezer/chiller:


一.  Protect the kitchen freezer/chiller from exposure of direct sunlight and place them in somewhere away from source of heat.

二.  For the cleaning of counter chiller/freezer, we should do it at least twice a year, thoroughly and completely:

1.    When you start to clean, check first the power since it should be cut down to avoid danger, then we can prepare a soft cloth, dip it with clean water or dish soap(better dish soap) , wipe it lightly and afterwards, dip clean water to clean the dish soap.

2.    Avoid using washing powder, cleaning powder, talcum powder, alkaline detergent, boiled water, oil or brush since it will prevent damage of outside film and inside components of such commercial kitchen refrigerated worktable.

3.    After cleaning, place the power plug back firmly and check whether the controller setting is in the right position.

4.    Pay attention to odor of kitchen chiller/freezer workbench, if any, immediate response should be done for removal of such odor

5.    If any dirt accumulates found inside the worktable chiller/freezer, such dirty accessory should be detached to clean with clean water or dish soap; for electric components, we should use dry cloth to clean.

6.    If you keep your kitchen device for long silence, remove the power plug and clean the inside well, then close the door after it dries out.


Above is the common knowledge for protection of workbench freezer/chiller. For electric items, we must take care and purchase them through proper channels:always keep in mind that quality is  the first element instead of price. We shall also attach much importance to the maintenance of under counter freezer/chiller to lengthen the life span and save the cost in some degree. Only when we purchase well and maintain well can we use them well in the long run.

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