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How Do You Deodorize The Multideck Chiller Most people have multideck chillers in their homes, but over time, there will be more and more food in the fridge, so we are all suffering from the odour of the multideck chillers. How to deodorize multideck chiller has become a topic that has to be mentioned.



How Do You Clean Stand Up Freezer

It is well known that stand up freezers are large and are difficult to clean, especially upright freezers. Although the volume is smaller than the chest freezer, it is extremely difficult to clean. Although most people are good at cleaning refrigerators, it is still easy to forget that upright freezers also require a little attention.



Can You Transport Upright Chiller Laying Down

An upright chiller is easy to organize and smaller than a chest freezer, but it’s hard to move. When you need to move or travel, moving the upright freezer becomes important, and moving can be a stressful time. We all have to do this at some point. Can you transport upright chiller laying down?



Can You Put Hot Food in the Kitchen Freezer

Can You Put Hot Food in the Kitchen Freezer The kitchen freezer is an ideal place to store all perishable foods, such as milk, to avoid spoilage. And a lot of people like to put the just-cooked hot food directly in the kitchen freezer.



How Often Should a Meat Showcase Be Cleaned

The meat showcase is one of the sources of Listeria monocytogenes (Lm) and other germs, which will make people sick if the bacteria get into food or on the surfaces, and cause the breakout of foodborne illness. So it's very necessary to clean the meat showcase regularly.



Upright Freezer vs Chest Freezer

If you want to store more food, especially for businesses, you need a large freezer to store frozen food. In the long run, you know that large freezer can help you save money. The most common stand-alone freezer is divided into two types: upright freezer and chest freezer, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

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