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How do you drain a chest freezer?

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How do you drain a chest freezer?

A lot of people will ignore the water in freezer when using chest freezer, can cause chest home freezer water to stink to wait for a phenomenon to happen as time passes. So how do we drain the chest freezer? What needs to notice when using freezer everyday?


  • Cause of standing water in chest freezer

  • How do I drain the chest freezer

  • The method that avoids chest freezer freezer accumulates water

  • How do I clean the chest freezer


Cause of standing water in chest freezer

1.      Cold room thermostat gear adjustment is not appropriate, now the thermostat is generally the larger the temperature is lower.

2.      The food of freezer is placed after slant, close to the inner tank of the back, because the condenser is in now both sides, the back has refrigerating line to be able to cause ice.

3.      The temperature controller is abnormal and the cabinet chest freezer cannot accurately sense the temperature change.

4.      The refrigeration line at the back of the cabinet chest type freezer is covered with gold liner too close, resulting in icing.

5.      Frosting process. Summer environment temperature is very high, and temperature freezer temperature is very low, when people often open box freezer, can make freezer inside and outside have a very apparent temperature difference, the water vapor in the environment meets cold suddenly in freezer freezer, condensate is frost, if not handled in time for a long time will form thick layer of ice.

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How do I drain the chest freezer

If the drain of the chest type freezer is blocked, we should first cut off the power supply and then dredge the pipes. If most of the space in the box freezes quickly, we should first take out the food in the box, then cut off the power, open the door of the chest home freezer, let the hot air outside the chest freezer into the chest freezer, so that the water inside the chest freezer completely melt. Wait until the caking melts, clean up the water in the box and the box wall, and then put the food out of the front in turn, the food with water should be wrapped in a plastic bag, to prevent spilling in the box.


If the box type of air-conditioner temperature too low, the temperature of the box modestly higher, but this kind of product in normal downtime, melting by the water discharge closed properly, also want to carefully observe whether the chest freezer appeared what problem, if the above two cases, then can ask professional personage to repair.


You can put a layer of towel or newspaper on the bottom of the chest home freezer to prevent the water flowing out of the box from wetting the floor. Want to open door window from time to time, the air that lets outside is communicated with indoor, wait for temperature to reduce naturally when, this kind of home appliance can enter shutdown state automatically, at this moment we can take off the ice inside the wall, prevent ice to melt water inside box.


The method that avoids chest freezer freezer accumulates water

1.      When using chest freezer at ordinary times, want to accomplish frequent change frost, it also is a measure that saves electricity.

2.      Adjust the water funnel to the water tray.

3.      Don't set the temperature in the freezer below 0°C, usually 2 to 6°C to prevent water from freezing.

4.      When refrigerating beverage, want to handle gently gently, contain bottle cap plastic container, should stand on want door fan food rack, if put on food shelf, bottle cap should tighten, in case liquid flows out.

5.      When use chest home freezer, open good door and close tight door is an important job, demand is careful, ability prevents to run cold; If the sealing strip is found damaged, it should be repaired in time; And the request at all times to pay attention to the door edge and tape on whether there is dirt, if found, immediately erase.

6.      Hot food is not allowed in the freezer, to wait for natural cold to room temperature, then put into the chest type freezer room.

7.      To contain moisture much food, want to pack with plastic bag, bag mouth wants to tie tightly, in case the water vapor in food evaporates, increase the quantity of water inside chest freezer.

8.      Freezer inside the freezer temperature, must not be lower than 0°C, should be controlled in 2-6°C this appropriate, at this time the bottled beverage will not burst.

9.      In the summer, the freezer outside the water container put some water, and then in the chest freezer outlet tube head, connected to a rubber tube, the other end of the tube submerged in water, so as to prevent the outside hot air into the freezer condensation dripping.

10.   When freezing ice cubes or popsicles, the water in the ice maker should not be too full, generally add 80% of the capacity is good.


How do I clean the chest freezer

1.      Before cleaning should first disconnect the chest home freezer power supply, and then take out food classification placed, and then take out the shelf.

2.      Put the hot water in the freezer and use the heat to melt the ice on the inside. Remember to replace the hot water in time.

3.      When the frost on the inside has almost melted, gently remove it with an ice shovel. When swabbing, usable lukewarm wet dishcloth adds a few neuter detergents to be like detergent essence swabbed, wipe with dry cloth next dry.

4.      The door seal should be cleaned carefully and the grease on the injection molding must be rubbed off to avoid aging and loss of sealing.

5.      Must not use boiled water, decontamination agent, acid alkalescent detergent, benzene kind organic solvent is swabbed, also do not want to wash with water directly, reduce in case freezer insulation ability and cabinet body rust.

6.      The condenser on the back of the box chest freezer tends to accumulate dust, which affects the heat dissipation, so it should be cleaned at least once every six months.

7.      After cleaning, check whether the power plug and power cord are damaged. Stick the power plug in securely and check that the temperature controller is set in the correct position.

8.      If it is not used for a long time, you should unplug the power plug, clean the cabinet chest freezer, dry the interior, and place the chest home freezer in a dry ventilated place.

9.      If notice to maintain at ordinary times, can wipe the surface of freezer once a week. If there is grease or dust, wipe with warm water. If the inner wall of freezer is wiped with glycerine, can form a thin protective film, even if be stained with food residue, also can wipe off easily with dishcloth.


Paying attention to maintaining and cleaning the chest type freezer can make it work more efficiently and save you time and money. If you want to buy high-quality chest freezer with reasonable price, Meibaijia Electrical Technology Company can provide you with the best products.


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