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Why is my chest freezer leaking?

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Why is my chest freezer leaking?

Generally speaking, in the process of using chest freezer, box in addition to a certain amount of frost, there should not be water, chest type freezer around the ground should also be kept relatively clean and dry, there should not be water. So when the chest freezer leakage phenomenon, what should we do?


  • Cause of leakage in chest freezer

  • Solution to leakage in chest freezer

  • What are some of the misunderstandings about the use of chest freezers?


Cause of leakage in chest freezer

The evaporator of chest type freezer inside receives cime because of long time, freezer evaporator is full of dust on, day long long can form a lot of dirt, these dirt accumulates and achievement can reduce the capacity of cime, cime if full, cannot evaporate quickly, can form leak. Just clean the sink.


Due to the immature technology and poor manufacturing process, the shape on the evaporator is irregular, resulting in the condensed water can not flow out, stop on the evaporator, can not reach the water tray, will be left to the ground along with the surface of the evaporator, this is our common chest home freezer leakage.


Receiving water tray or freezer evaporator itself quality is not good, when receiving low or high temperature, receiving water tray aging caused by the leakage. The outlet of the chest type freezer is blocked, and the outlet and conduit of the chest freezer are easily blocked by debris. If we do not clean them in time, it will lead to water compensation and water flow into the cabinet. Ice forms at low temperatures, which affects cooling and takes up space in the freezer.


Food in storage, the temperature is too high without cooling directly into the box chest freezer, hot air water content is larger, cooling in the chest freezer will cause a large number of condensed water, the generation of condensed water is greater than the rate of discharge will cause water. Open the door too often, resulting in a large number of hot air into the electric chest type freezer, hot air in the condensation will produce condensed water, condensed water generation greater than the rate of discharge will cause water.


Solution to leakage in chest freezer

Try to reduce the frequency and time of chest home freezer opening. Hot food should be allowed to cool naturally to room temperature before putting it in the refrigerated display cabinet; Place moisture more food should be washed and drained, with plastic bags wrapped into the chest freezer, so as to avoid moisture evaporation thickening frost layer, affect the cooling effect, increase the consumption of electricity.


Make ice cubes and cold drinks in summer and arrange them at night. The temperature is lower at night, which is good for cooling of the condenser, and the storage of food is less at night, so the working time of the compressor is shorter. Store food in moderation. It is advisable to take 80% of the volume, otherwise it will affect the air convection in the box chest freezer, causing food cooling difficulties, affecting the preservation effect, and increasing the working time of the compressor.


Thermostats are the key to saving power. The temperature adjusting knob is generally adjusted to "4" in summer and "1" in winter, which can reduce the starting times of the compressor. Gechen refrigerated display cabinets should be placed in a place with low temperature and good ventilation, away from heat sources such as radiator and stove; The left and right sides and the rear should be left with appropriate space to facilitate heat dissipation.


What are some of the misunderstandings about the use of chest freezers?

Most people think that food can be sterilized by putting it in a cold chest home freezer. However, it is not what people think. In fact, many bacteria can survive in the environment of 0 ~ 5℃ or even lower temperature. The low temperature in the freezer can't freeze the bacteria to death, but reduce their reproduction rate. Therefore, the supermarket in the low temperature cooked food is best to buy back to fully heated before eating.


Some people believe that wrapping food in plastic wrap creates more bacteria. However, if food is placed directly in the chest freezer, it will increase the chance of infecting other food bacteria in the chest freezer. In addition, with no bacterial contamination of plastic wrap sealed storage, can also reduce the water loss of food, play a role in keeping fresh food taste will not change the original taste of food. If you want to keep the fresh effect more perfect, the tupperware is a better choice.


Should be chest type freezer inside feed and cooked food cent open, in order to prevent cross contamination, avoid by all means is born ripe mix put. Raw food can be contaminated with parasites or bacteria. If put together with cooked food, it is easy to cause pollution to cooked food, so as to affect people's health. In addition, raw and cooked foods require different temperatures for refrigeration and are not suitable for storage together. Try to keep your food at the right temperature to keep it fresh and free of bacteria, and store raw food in a deep freezer.


Usually pay attention to the correct way to use the chest freezer is conducive to its continuous use, and to ensure food safety in the freezer. If you want to buy high-quality chest freezer with reasonable price, Meibaijia Electrical Technology Company can provide you with the best products.


If you are looking for a professional and cost-effective supplier for refrigeration, freezer and cooler products, please contact us immediately.




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