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Why Is Foaming So Important To Refrigeration

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Why Is Foaming So Important To Refrigeration

If you’re in refrigeration field, you’ll always hear such a term--foaming. For example, your customer may ask you: what is your foaming layer thickness? What is your foaming density? Clearly they all attach much importance to this issue.

Foaming Process

Firstly, let’s have a rough understanding of what foaming process is. Before this procedure, we need to choose the suitable foaming material. Certainly different factories will choose different foaming materials, in MEIBAIJIA, we usually choose imported brand from Japan to ensure the foaming stability. For some small factories, they may use low quality material to control the costs and make sure the profits. After confirmation of the material, we’ll need to place the freezers in a foaming mold, and then inject foaming material into the mold to start the foaming process.

Foaming Mold

A foaming mold is very important in the whole process. In MEIBAIJIA, we have different molds for different models, so once a mold is used, the size is fixed, and the foaming layer thickness is also fixed. Why do we use a foaming mold instead of labor force? By using an integral foaming mold, you can make sure the evenness, stability and uniformity of the foaming layer, thus ensuring the insulation effect. Of course the thickness and density of forming layer is crucial in the process.

Foaming Material

A foaming layer is just like the clothes of people, you wear more and you feel warmer, so you can keep out the coldness and keep in the warmness. The foaming material is like clothes material, if you choose sweater, the cold air can still get in, while if you choose a jacket, then you can keep out the cold air effectively. That’s why in the past(when we’re young), the vendor always places a quilt on the top of chest freezers to keep the low temperature.

We know the cooling system is the core to refrigeration, and to receive a specific low temperature, we can’t make it without the help of a thick foaming layer. Normally for chest freezers, the foaming layer thickness is 6.5cm in this industry for chest freezers, while in MEIBAIJIA, we all use from 7.5cm-9cm for different sizes to decrease the energy consumption and thus reducing your electric bill.

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