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What sizes do chest freezers come in?

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What sizes do chest freezers come in?

It's important to do research before buying new equipment, and many people hesitate about how large a chest freezer should they buy, or where should they be stored? How can I choose the right chest home freezer? Which functions of the chest freezer need to be tested?


  • What are the space requirements for a chest freezer?

  • Where should I store the chest freezer?

  • How do I ship my chest home freezer?

  • Things to consider when buying a chest freezer

  • What are the functions of the chest freezer?


What are the space requirements for a chest freezer?

Chest home freezers are often available in various sizes. From compact 3 cubic meters. Units of feet up to 10 cubic feet. ft. Home or industrial scale units. You can easily calculate the required size. Just multiply your family size by 2.5 cubic feet. For example, a family of four will need about 10 cubic feet of cabinet freezer. However, space requirements vary depending on the size of the house and the reasons for purchase. If you are a bargain hunter who likes to buy in large quantities, you may need a larger chest freezer.


For people living in a smaller home or living alone, a more compact unit may be the ideal choice. Having said that, just because you live in a smaller space does not mean that you should completely exclude larger chest freezer units. You might be surprised at the space efficiency of this device. You can hide it in the garage or even the dining room and store other items on it. Before you start shopping, consider the size that fits your home and the space you allocate. And make sure you can pass it through the front door when you reach it.


Where should I store the chest freezer?

Chest type freezer can be stored in many different places. Ideally, it needs to be in a cool, dry place indoors with a power outlet nearby. Cool places make the chest freezer work more efficiently, while warm places or sunny places make the freezer work harder. There should also be enough space to allow the entire door to swing out for easy operation.


Chest home freezer may be more suitable for the garage or basement, while vertical freezer may be more suitable for the kitchen. Be sure to place the freezer in the garage or outdoors to avoid the freezer temperature being too low, otherwise the compressor and the interior may be damaged. Some models are equipped with technology that can work at low temperatures of -15 ° C, making them more suitable for garage and outdoor storage. Also, when installing a refrigerator, leave a gap of about 25mm around the equipment so that the hot air from the compressor can be safely discharged.


How do I ship my chest home freezer?

If done correctly, moving the freezer is relatively easy. First, disconnect the device from the outlet. Remove food and defrost the freezer-some chest freezers come with frost-free and automatic defrost options. It took almost a day to complete the task with the manual defrost option. Clean it well and keep the door open. Use a blanket to protect the freezer from scratches that may occur during transportation. Make sure to keep the chest home freezer upright or place it on the compressor side, taking care to secure the door properly. After installing the freezer in the new location, place it face up and leave it for several hours. After leaving the device for a while, you can plug it in.


Things to consider when buying a chest freezer

1.       What are my eating and shopping habits? If you buy in bulk, then a chest freezer is a good choice. The 1 cubic foot freezer holds about 35 pounds of food.

2.       What are my diet preparation habits? You can use a freezer if you prepare and freeze food when it is fresh or seasonal. Farmers, gardeners and hunters all need cold rooms.

3.       How much space does my house have? Chest type freezers should be placed in a convenient space away from heat sources, including sunny windows, to maintain efficient operation. The space available to you and the width of the doorway may affect the size of the chest freezer you can buy.


What are the functions of the chest freezer?

1.       effectiveness. Look for chest freezers with lower kWh usage and higher star ratings, as these freezers will reduce operating costs and save you costs throughout the entire life of the equipment. Generally, a smaller freezer will consume less energy than a larger freezer, but if the freezer has a lot of empty space, it will also consume more energy.

2.       Control. Having a freezer-type freezer bin that is easy to control the temperature is desirable, but make sure to keep it out of the reach of children, as you don't want to risk sudden temperature adjustments to avoid damaging stored items.

3.       Wheels. Large freezers can become heavy when filled with frozen items, so finding a freezer equipped with rollers can be a good choice, as it avoids the hassle of moving the unit.

4.       light. Interior lights are convenient because they help illuminate items in the refrigerator for easy searching. If chest freezer is placed in the garage or outdoors, the interior lighting is useful for those stray dogs late at night.

5.       drainage. The drainage holes at the bottom of the chest type freezer allow ice cubes and water to be led directly to the drain and outside of the device, making it easier to defrost and clean the device.


How large a chest freezer to buy should be based on your own circumstances, including shopping habits and family space. If you want to buy high-quality chest freezer with reasonable price, Meibaijia Electrical Technology Company can provide you with the best products.


If you are looking for a professional and cost-effective supplier for refrigeration, freezer and cooler products, please contact us immediately.




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