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Tips For Energy Saving Of Ice Cream Freezer

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Tips For Energy Saving Of Ice Cream Freezer

As we all know, our electric bill is closely related with the power of home appliance. If the power of one appliance is higher, then in the same certain period, it’ll cost more electricity than the other one with lower power. That’s why people care much about the power consumption of ice cream freezer if they have the desire to buy one. Here we have some tips for energy saving of chest freezer before and when in use:

1.Right place for ice cream freezer

Before powering on the freezer, we have to consider a suitable place. If the ambient temperature is high, it’ll have influence on the commercial freezer and increase the power consumption. So we have to choose somewhere cool and well-ventilated. We have to avoid direct sunlight and make it away from source of heat.


2. Pay attention to items inside

We need to be careful about the items placed inside: flammable or volatile chemical agent/ medicines should not be stored in the freezer; items with smell or corrosivity should be avoided in the chamber; easily-dried foods like fish, vegetables or fruits should be wrapped with cling film or other packing material first before stored inside the commercial freezer.


3. Pay attention to door seal of chest freezer

For example, if you find leakage of door seal, replace it immediately or the coldness will be lost and the chest freezer will no longer freeze well. That’s why in the past, we know vendors will use quilt to cover freezer door to prevent coldness loss.


4. Method of items’ storage

If you need to place hot food inside, be patient and don’t put them immediately, you should wait for the food to be cooled to ambient temperature first, and then place them inside. Keep in mind: don’t place items too crowded in the chamber, you should leave enough space between each item so that the cold air can exchange with even temperature everywhere. If you pack the item in small package, it’ll have better effect since small package can decrease the time to freeze so that it can save electricity and easy to store& take out.


5. Clean the ice cream freezer frequently

We have to clean the chest freezer frequently since this is also very important to decrease power consumption. We need to clean the surface of compressor and condenser every 2-3 months: the more the dust on the surface, the worse the heat dissipation effect, and the power consumption will be higher. When you clean the freezer, plug off the power source first and clean it with wet cloth.


Above are the tips we can use during service life of ice cream freezer. If we keep in mind and use them accordingly, surely we can save a lot in the electric bill and lengthen the lifespan of our freezers.

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