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The Advantages Of MEIBAIJIA Meat Chiller Showcase

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The Advantages Of MEIBAIJIA Meat Chiller Showcase

Indeed we’ve designed and manufactured various types of commercial refrigeration products in MEIBAIJIA, among all these series, meat chiller showcase is very popular in different countries.

In some areas they also call it butchery equipment, as the name suggests, it’s mainly for meat storage, and precisely, for fresh meat, since the cooling temperature is 10-0 degree. So why is our meat chiller so popular?


Elegant appearance

1. Firstly, it has elegant appearance. Let’s imagine, you pass by a vendor’s stall and see the fresh meat inside illuminated by the warm light, will you stop and buy some to cook delicious food? Yes I will. It’s not only the meat attracts you, it’s the assisting effect by the chiller that really counts. An old saying goes like that: clothes makes the man, our chiller showcase is just the clothes to the meat.


Practical design

2. Of course only an elegant appearance won’t make such big difference. We have a glass operation platform in the back to cut meat and place packed meat, so that vendors can free their hands. Inside we use stainless steel plate to place the fresh meat to make sure the hygiene. You can also change the platform material to stainless steel if it’s necessary for you, we have customers require that and we can meet their needs.


Front& back door optional

3. For the door, we can provide not only back door for vendors, but also front door for customers. You know it depends on vendor’s choice. If they just need it for display effect, they better choose back door only also for security. If the meat chillers are used in buffet restaurants, then it’s necessary to choose front&back open doors. The application will decide the right choice.


Our meat chiller showcases are especially popular in African countries like Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe. And even the freight is too high to deliver our chillers there, our customers also place orders to fill the markets. We use copper tube material to ensure the preservation effect as well as tempered glass to decrease the potential risk of damages during long transportation process. Meibaijia will be your best choice for meat chiller showcases.

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