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How To Maintain The Freezer Life During The Peak Season?

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How To Maintain The Freezer Life During The Peak Season?

Summer is the peak period of using the freezer, facing the heat, the refrigerator may have various problems. In order to avoid accidents, the use of specifications and regular cleaning are very important. Regular maintenance can also extend the life of the freezer. How to properly regulate the freezer?

Regular cleaning

Commercial refrigerators are cleaned at least twice a year. Turn off the power when cleaning the freezer, use a soft cloth dipped in water or detergent, gently scrub, then wipe off the detergent with water. After cleaning, plug the power plug firmly and check that the temperature controller is set to the correct position.

Standard defrost

Some users want to save time and energy when defrosting the freezer. They use sharper metal parts: blades, screwdrivers, etc., which can accidentally puncture the inner liner during defrosting, causing damage to the evaporator. When defrosting, it should be allowed to stand for a while before the frost layer melts, and then use the defrosting shovel equipped with the freezer to remove it.

Freezer condensation

With high ambient temperature and humidity, condensation will happen at the bottom of the cabinet. In order to reduce the condensation, the controller can be appropriately lowered when the food has been frozen. This not only reduces the operating time of the freezer, reduces the power consumption, but also reduces the temperature difference between the inside and the outside.


In the hot summer months, especially those who must leave the freezer outside should pay attention to:

1 Do not place the freezer in a place exposed to direct sunlight, which will result in uneven cooling and reduce the life of the freezer.

2 Do not open refrigerator doors frequently

3 The food in the freezer can't be placed overcrowded, so as to avoid the situation that the refrigeration effect is not enough, which leads to the food damaged in the cabinet.

After a long time of use of the freezer, there will inevitably be some problems. Regular maintenance and proper use of the freezer can help to reduce damage greatly.

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