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Chest Freezers vs. Under Counter Freezers

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Chest Freezers vs. Under Counter Freezers

There are many factors to consider when choosing a freezer. Is it energy efficient? Should it be independent or integrated? What's your budget? One of the challenges when choosing a freezer is whether you should choose a chest freezer or an underfloor freezer? What is the under-counter freezer? What do I need to consider before buying an under counter freezer?


  • What is the under-counter freezer?

  • chest freezer and under counter chiller

  • What do I need to consider before buying an under counter freezer?


What is the under-counter freezer?

The under counter chiller, also known as an under counter chiller, is a compact freezer that can be installed tightly under a standard kitchen countertop. The unit is usually the same size as a standard dishwasher. Although this type of freezer is small, it can perform all the functions of a larger freezer unit. The only real difference is the number of frozen items that the unit can hold. In configurations, an under counter chiller may have two to three drawers and can be opened like a cabinet drawer in most kitchens. Food is placed in each drawer and can be retrieved relatively easily when needed. The drawer configuration is becoming more and more popular as it allows the owner to place meat in one drawer, vegetables in another drawer, and fruits and debris in a third drawer. This type of arrangement makes it easy to retrieve the correct type of frozen food when preparing a meal.


The other designs of the under counter chiller are very similar to the vertical freezer model. A single door swings outward to allow access to the interior. Inside, removable shelves provide a way to organize frozen food stored in the refrigerator. Some units' storage baskets can be connected under each shelf, which also helps organize the items in the refrigerator. Like box-type freezers and full-size freezer freezers, it is also common for under-counter freezers to be self-contained. That is, you do not need any type of pipeline required for operation. Self-defrosting equipment helps prevent equipment from freezing and frosting, eliminating the need to install drip trays under the equipment.


Chest freezer and under counter chiller

Advantages of chest freezer. Generally, a chest freezer provides more storage space than a normal upright refrigerator. They are especially suitable for families with young children, as these places have enough space for frozen food. They are usually very energy efficient. Virtually all freezers in our range have an A + energy rating. This type of freezer usually includes a storage basket that can be slid from side to side to keep food organized.


The disadvantage of a chest freezer is that this style is not for you if you want to be able to see exactly what is in the refrigerator; that's why people usually buy a chest freezer to store extra food. chest freezers usually require more space, and you cannot store them on top of them, as this can hinder use.


under counter chiller cabinets are much better for food organizations as they come with 3-4 drawers that are usually transparent so you can clearly see what's inside. This is great when writing your weekly shopping list. The under counter chiller can be placed under the kitchen countertop so it doesn't interfere with your interior design needs. They also save more space than chest freezers and are equally energy efficient. Because drawers take up space, under counter chillers are more compact than chest freezers, so while you benefit from your organization, it also wastes space. As you can see, both freezers have advantages. In fact, many people choose to install a small vertical freezer at home and then place a chest freezer in their garage to increase storage space. That's a good idea.


What do I need to consider before buying an under counter freezer?

1.How big should my under counter freezer be? We measure free-standing freezer in shopping bags, each ice bag is about 18 liters. The 100-litre model is perfect for smaller families, while the larger model of 350-litre is suitable for 19 bags in large weekly stores. The size of the kitchen will determine the size of the refrigerator you are buying.

2.What kind of freezing technology is available? The under counter freezer also keeps your food fresh. For models that freeze quickly, keep your eyes open. When you shop every week, it quickly cools down the refrigerator, so it locks in nutrition and keeps all the food delicious.

3.What is a frost freezer? When you need to defrost your refrigerator, the frost-free model is definitely your savior. They constantly circulate cold air around them to prevent freezing. This means you no longer need to thaw the food and the food stays on top!

4.Does the energy rating of a freezer matter? Your refrigerator runs 24 hours a day, so energy efficiency is paramount. Each model is rated from A +++ to B, and the high-end freezer requires less energy to operate, saving you money.


Under counter freezer and chest freezer have their own advantages, please choose the more suitable freezer style according to your own situation.If you want to buy high-quality under counter freezer with reasonable price, Meibaijia Electrical Technology Company can provide you with the best products.

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