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Can you overfill a chest freezer?

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Can you overfill a chest freezer?

Economical and practical chest freezer since its invention by consumers widely welcomed, but not everyone knows how to use the chest home freezer correctly. How full should the chest freezer be?


  • How do I store food in a chest freezer?

  • A few notices of chest freezer installation

  • Conclusion


How do I store food in a chest freezer?

1.Food should not be overfilled. Chest home freezer storage food should not be too crowded, it is best to leave a certain gap, so that the air in the chest freezer can be normal convection, in order to reduce the load of the unit. And too much food together, but also very easy to lead to food bacteria cross-infection, leading to a variety of human discomfort and a variety of diseases.

2.Meat is processed. In the purchase of some fish, pork, beef and other food, it is best to be able to carry out some corresponding processing, and then put into the chest type freezer. Such as fresh fish, meat and other food is best sealed in plastic bags, then put into the freezer storage. And vegetable, fruit should wipe the moisture of appearance dry, put chest freezer again the bottom, with zero on temperature store advisable

3.No bottled drinks. For the appearance of the packaging of food, such as all kinds of drinks, milk and other food, it is best not to put into the freezer, so as to avoid freezing crack packaging bottles. The best place for storage should be in the chest home freezer or on the door, and the temperature should be kept at about 4℃.

4.Refuse to overheat food. Some people like to put the food out of the pot immediately into the chest freezer to cool, hoping to eat in a short period of time to enjoy the refreshing food, but if these too hot food into the running chest type freezer as soon as possible, it is likely to reduce the service life of the chest freezer.

5.Raw and cooked food should not be put together. Raw food and cooked food have different storage time and temperature requirements, and there are a wide range of parasites and bacteria in raw food, drinking cooked food together will contaminate cooked food. At the same time do not put food directly on the surface of the evaporator, to put in the vessel, so as not to freeze on the evaporator, inconvenient to take out.

6. Chest home freezer is to be able to help us to keep fresh food really, but also be the breeding ground of all sorts of bacterium and virus at the same time, because this must pay attention to regularly clean chest freezer at ordinary times, in order to ensure the health of chest freezer.

7.Do not store unwashed raw eggs in the chest freezer, as the shells of the eggs may be contaminated with chicken manure. There may be more salmonella and other food in the chest freezer may be infected. Also can't save this several kinds of food in the box of air-conditioner, chocolate in the box type air-conditioner after cold storage at room temperature will produce frost on the surface, make the chocolate very easy metamorphic mildewy, chocolate has lost its original flavor, tomatoes and green peppers, and the vegetables in the box type of air-conditioner will easy to deteriorate, decay, loss of freshness and nutrition.

8.Fresh meat and fish should be cleaned before they can be put in the chest freezer and stored in the freezer. Fish should be eaten as soon as possible, otherwise, fish will go bad even if it is frozen. Fruits and vegetables before into the box type of air-conditioner will dry, water above freezing storage temperature, the optimum or it will because a lot of evaporation that caused the junction box of air-conditioner frost, not all the fruit can be put into box type air-conditioner, such as banana in the below 10 degrees Celsius to save, will make the banana black rot, banana is in room temperature environment are more likely to keep them.


A few notices of chest freezer installation

1.The maximum inclination Angle of the box should not exceed 45 degrees, nor should it be inverted or horizontal, otherwise it will damage the compressor or make the frozen oil in the compressor flow into the refrigeration pipeline, affecting the refrigeration, and easy to cause the compressor spring; When carrying, should lift bottom foot, cannot grasp door handle or apply force on mesa and condenser, more cannot drag on the ground.

2. It should not be placed where the temperature is too low. Because the temperature is too low, the compressor starts the difficulty, makes the refrigerating chamber of cabinet freezer, freezer refrigeration poor, can not overcome, cabinet freezer can open the temperature compensation switch of freezer; Should place in ventilated place, if chest type freezer is full of sundry all round, or depend on the wall too close, go against dissipating heat can affect refrigerating effect. A minimum of 30CM of space shall be left on the top surface of the  chest freezer, and a minimum of 10CM on the back and two sides to facilitate heat dissipation.

Should be placed in the place where the humidity is small, because the shell of the chest freezer, condenser and compressor are metal materials, if the air humidity is too large, will make these components rust, shorten the service life of the How do I store food in a chest freezer?

3. At the same time, the humid and overheating environment, will cause the surface of the chest freezer condensation, affect the electrical performance; Apply single-phase three-hole check seat, separate wiring. If the user does not have a grounding device, a grounding wire should be installed. When setting earthing wire, cannot make connection with piped water and gas conduit, cannot connect to telephone wire and lightning rod more.

4.Should be placed on flat solid ground, and keep the compressor level. This is not only for safety reasons, but also to allow the compressor to work smoothly, reducing vibration and noise.



Chest freezer can help us keep food fresh, so at ordinary times must pay attention to the use of methods and regular cleaning chest type freezer, in order to ensure the health of the freezer. If you want to buy high-quality chest freezer with reasonable price, Meibaijia Electrical Technology Company can provide you with the best products.

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