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What should I clean my island freezer with?

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What should I clean my island freezer with?

Maintenance is a very important link in the use of freezer. If you don't consciously protect the island freezer in daily life, the service life of the freezer will be greatly reduced, but if you do not maintain it properly, it will cause damage to the equipment. So what tools should we use to clean the island cabinet? What details should you pay attention to when cleaning up the island cabinet?


  • Cleaning method of frozen island cabinet

  • What are the details to pay attention to when cleaning the frozen island cabinet?

  • What are the advantages of island cabinets


Cleaning method of frozen island cabinet

The maintenance of supermarket island freezer cabinets not only keeps the refrigerators as bright as new, but also extends the life of the refrigerator cabinets. In order to ensure the cleanliness and brightness of the refrigerator cabinets, users often clean the island cabinet glass. In addition to the outside, pay attention to the internal cleaning. The internal cleaning is mainly to clean the slide rails and the grooves at the junction of the refrigerator cabinet and the sliding door. Sand and gravel may cause sand and stone, which will cause bad influence on the sliding island cabinet. Normally, cleaning up every three months is sufficient. Use a vacuum cleaner and a soft cloth when cleaning. Check the ground spring, wind brace and positioning pin every six months, and add oil in time to keep the switch flexible. Pay attention to see if there is water or frost in the internal groove. If there is water, clean it up in time.


Supermarket island freezer cabinets should regularly clean the freezer compressors and condensers, and pay attention to defrost, especially for direct-cooled refrigerators that are easy to frost. Clean the refrigerator at least once every 2 months. When cleaning, be sure to cut off the power supply and clean with a mild detergent. Do not use decontamination powder, talc, alkaline detergent, brushes, etc. to clean the horizontal type. Freezer.


What are the details to pay attention to when cleaning the frozen island cabinet?

1.       The user should make sure to turn off the power before cleaning.

2.       Before turning off the power, we need to adjust the temperature in the horizontal freezing island cabinet to a temperature above freezing. In order to prevent the island freezer from freezing again, turn off the horizontal freezing island cabinet. If the cabinet has no temperature compensation, you can directly turn off the horizontal freezer cabinet.

3.       It is strictly forbidden to splash water on the machine during cleaning to avoid leakage of electricity.

4.       Horizontal freeze island cabinets should be cleaned regularly. Keep it clean, scrub with detergent, then wipe with a dry cloth, rinse directly with water, and wash with a corrosive solvent.


What are the advantages of island cabinets

1.       First, island cabinets are more energy efficient. The island cabinet adopts a horizontal design to keep the refrigerated air in the cabinet at a low temperature not volatile. The main reason is that the island cabinet adopts the design of top-opening door. According to the quality of the warm and cold air, the cold air in the cabinet cannot rise, and the energy loss is small. Therefore, the island cabinet not only saves energy but also saves power. Because the energy is guaranteed, the refrigeration temperature of the island cabinet is low, and you can place ingredients such as dumplings / frozen meat.

2.       Second, make full use of the space, and use the island cabinet supermarket to have a more open feeling, avoiding the display cabinets, shelves and vertical freezers from obstructing the view of the line and affecting the display of the surrounding products. At the same time, the value of the corridor space can be increased, and the placement of island cabinets will not affect the display of goods on both sides (display cabinet / shelf / freezer).

3.       Beautiful and generous. The horizontal freezer has a better decoration effect for supermarkets and other application scenarios. The ice cube island cabinet adopts a streamlined design, high-definition vacuum double glass, and freely adjustable shelves, which greatly improves the display effect and space effect.


In supermarket convenience stores, the most popular is the island freezer used for the sales and display of frozen food. The island cabinet is used with other different types of freezers to enrich the shopping scene and improve the shopping experience for customers. If you want to buy high-quality island freezer with reasonable price, Meibaijia Electrical Technology Company can provide you with the best products.

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