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What’s The Difference Between Fan Cooling& Static Cooling Beverage Coolers?

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What’s The Difference Between Fan Cooling& Static Cooling Beverage Coolers?

Normally when we’re in supermarkets or convenient stores, we can see 2 types of beverage coolers: one is with fan and clear glass; another is without fan and with condensations on glass.

Yes, that’s what we call fan cooling and static cooling. And there’s a third type: static cooling with fan, the so called “fake fan cooling” type.

You know these upright display chillers are usually for drinks’cooling and storage, so the cooling system is very important. Generally speaking, fan cooling system accelerates and makes uniform the cold air circulation with the help of a set of air circulation components and fin type evaporator,   while static cooling system just uses the natural circulation for refrigeration.

1. So the first difference is in the cooling effect. Fan cooling type can refrigerate in a quick way and reach lower temperature, while for static cooling it may need hours to reach a desired effect.

2. If you need to change the chiller to be freezer, fan cooling is your only choice. Some customers may have special request to put ice cubes or frozen foods in the refrigeration room(we also receive such requests in MEIBAIJIA), then for the technical dept., the most important thing they need to do is match a fan cooling system to reach such low temperature like -18℃.

3. We usually care about the noise and power consumption, because this will directly influence our life and electricity bill. While in this issue, static cooling wins completely. The use of fans will produce much noise and increase the power consumption, which means we have to pay more every month.

4. Fan cooling will decrease the condensation on the glass doors. With the temperature difference between inside and outside environment, we can usually see much condensation on the glass, especially in Summer. When this happens, maybe you can only use the cloth to clean the fog for static cooling chillers. While in fan cooling chillers, the situation will become better, but still you can see heavy fog on the glass in hot weather. So the ultimate solution lies in the glass: yes, you can use glass with heating wire inside to evaporate such condensation.  

So what about “fake fan cooling” type? This type goes between the above 2 types. It’s essentially static cooling type, just with fans, which makes it look like fan cooling type. It does have some effect: you know a fan will make it cooler. But this will also increase the cost to buy the chiller compared with static cooling type, and produce louder noise and higher electricity bill.

So in my opinion, the value it creates can’t match the costs it produces. Meibaijia suggests that either you buy a static cooling type or a fan cooling type, but never a fake one in between.

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