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What is a good chest freezer ?

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What is a good chest freezer ?

Chest freezer is indispensable household electric appliance, the person that buys is more and more, the kind of brand also is more and more, what chest type freezer became a headache problem. So what should notice when choosing chest freezer?


  • What is a good chest freezer?

  • The service life of chest freezer is several years at most

  • How to prolong the service life of the chest freezer


What is a good chest freezer?

1.       A lot of businessman thought to buy when appropriate chest freezer often overlooked the huge electricity bill that opens freezer to bring for a long time, because when choosing freezer, want to pay attention to freezer refrigeration way. There are three main refrigeration methods of chest freezer:

2.       Direct cooling refrigeration, cheap price, more energy saving, useful volume, preservation and moisturizing function is good, but the temperature is not uniform, often need to defrost, suitable for the dry south and the ocean area.

3.       Air cooling refrigeration, active defrosting, low humidity, average cold temperature, food easy to dry dehydration, suitable for the coastal, Yangtze river coast and other humid areas, high power consumption, small useful volume.

4.       Direct cold air cooling refrigeration, direct to the chest freezer to send cold, cold to the freezer, both advantages, but high power consumption.


Preservation function: more and more consumers began to pay attention to food hygiene, customers in the choice of goods to see is the first appearance, preservation function of the freezer can make food lasting preservation. In order to meet the needs of customers, the major businesses in the purchase of chest home freezer to pay special attention to its preservation function. At present, the best preservation technique is the computer temperature control, the whole process of using the computer to complete the dual temperature dual control, really ensure that the freezer has been adhere to a constant high temperature environment, adhere to the novelty and nutrients of food.


Reasonable low consumption of energy: with consumer shopping more and more perceptual, the energy consumption problem of chest freezer caused universal concern, manufacturer rolled out energy-saving freezer one after another. But not the lower energy consumption, the better, some manufacturers in order to reach the purpose of energy-saving insulation and only take growth may adopt new techniques, but that progress of energy saving is the price for cost, together with the function also has certain influence, but energy saving not only have to be modified from the structure of the product itself, also need to be from the most core components compressor to elaborate design collocation, collocation of different engineer unit is likely to be different, different unit energy consumption is also different.


Quality is good or bad: when we are choosing a chest home freezer, it is the plan that has lasting use, choose the freezer with a good quality, durable therefore is very urgent. Freezer design should be humanized, meet the needs of life; The manufacturer with high skill, the quality of freezer often has assure more. Pure steel pipe, export coated steel plate and other high - quality components are the index of refrigeration fragmentary life.


After sale service: again good chest type freezer has the time that repaire, so besides choosing a chest freezer with reliable quality, good after sale service also is what client needs to consider when buying freezer. In the thinking can be from the maintenance cost, warranty time, maintenance rate, maintenance service one-sided and thoughtful and other real factors to weigh the degree of after-sales service manufacturers, now the general after-sales service is manufacturers directly door maintenance, the general machine one year warranty, the most core components of the compressor has three years of warranty.


The service life of chest freezer is several years at most

Generally speaking the life of chest freezer can be in 10 years or so, this needs according to the element such as brand quality of chest type freezer, the habit that USES material and use maintains to decide. Because the freezer needs to run for a long time, it is inevitable that its internal parts will appear aging, so even if it can still be used, but the noise, power consumption and operating sales are far less than when it was just used. Therefore, even if the freezer can still be used, it is recommended to replace the freezer in time, so as not to bring unnecessary safety risks due to the aging of components.


How to prolong the service life of the chest freezer

Boot trial. After buying the box-type chest freezer, customers will try it out first. At this time, the startup trial is not to test whether the operation of the chest type freezer is normal, but whether the whole chest home freezer and the sound generated by the chest freezer are loud during the operation process. Whether it can be heard within 10cm shall prevail. Overall check the side wall of the freezer, compressor, joints and other small parts whether there is no problem.


Freezer is put. Want to consider the place that chest freezer puts before use first. Want to choose the place with larger space, the freezer with built-in compressor unit even assures freezer top to want to leave enough space to dissipate heat, and side wall cannot be close to wall. Some supermarket convenience stores in order to save space is close to the wall, which does save space, but it is not conducive to chest freezer inspection, cleaning and cooling easy to produce a variety of small problems.


Freezer adjusts control this is necessary, want to adjust and control good chest freezer first when operating, otherwise adjust and control undeserved can cause sale article damage. After all check is finished, can start operation, want to put article inside freezer to put put shelf disinfection first when operation, want to put freezer to put the food on shelf first or the product is cleaner. At the same time, starting the operation is to should look at the goods put into the shelf after the  chest freezer is running well. After freezer is used, want to close freezer, when closing freezer wants thermostat first, pull out plug, cause thermostat damage easily otherwise.


The food in the chest freezer should keep right amount. When the food in freezer is saved too little, heat capacity can reduce because of this, a door is opened, cool air can quicken release, such easy increase refrigeration compressor starts times, increase to this use electricity. If the food is too full, it is not conducive to the cold air convection circulation, freezer is easy to freeze, increase the refrigeration compressor working time, consumption of unnecessary electricity. The food in the freezer should be cooled to room temperature. After hot food is put into the freezer, the temperature in the cabinet will rise rapidly, increase the frost rate on the evaporator surface, extend the working time of refrigeration compressor, and increase the power consumption.


Minimize the frequency of opening and closing of chest freezer. If open the door too often, on the one hand can make freezer's consumption of electricity increases obviously, also can reduce freezer's service life at the same time. Because the cabinet door of freezer is bigger, if open the door times more, the cool air inside cabinet leaks out, the warm wet air outside ark takes the opportunity and enter, can make the temperature inside cabinet rises. At the same time, the moist air into the cabinet is easy to make the evaporator surface frost acceleration, frost layer thickening.


Chest type freezer in winter to adjust the temperature appropriate. The cabinet temperature of freezer should be adjusted according to the need of food storage, cannot adjust too low blindly, more cannot rely on raising temperature to save power supply. Unreasonable raise temperature to be able to make freezer loses the effect that keep fresh possibly, such meeting instead outweighs loss.


Chest type freezer had better be put in low temperature, ventilated position. Freezer had better put in low temperature, ventilated position, want to avoid heat source at the same time, avoid the direct illuminate of sunshine, coping left and right sides and back should leave appropriate space, in order to benefit freezer come loose.


Carry out regular inspection and maintenance. Must be able to carry out regular commercial chest freezer inspection and maintenance, the purpose is to avoid some hidden trouble when they did not find the cause of greater failure. So we must be able to invite professional staff to carry out a comprehensive overhaul and maintenance, can let each part to achieve better use effect and function.


A good chest home freezer not only to good quality, but also to meet your needs and habits of use. If you want to buy high-quality chest freezer with reasonable price, Meibaijia Electrical Technology Company can provide you with the best products.

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