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What causes a chest freezer to stop working

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What causes a chest freezer to stop working

All items will wear out, the chest freezer is inevitable, so don't worry if it stops working, because not all parts of the chest home freezer need to be better. First of all, you need to check clearly, what is the reason for the chest freezer to stop working?


l  The reason why the chest freezer compressor does not start

l  The reason why the chest freezer is not shut down

l  Why is there water in the chest freezer?


The reason why the chest freezer compressor does not start

First we think of the most direct reason may be that the power socket is not energized, at this point as long as the power can be put into use again, this is also the simplest repair method,. However, there may be some problems in some places, such as whether the chest type freezer is not sealed, it can not work properly at this time. So the door of box type freezer must close all the time, seal must firm. If there is no seal, the inside and outside of the freezer are constantly exchanging warm and cool air, which can lead to damage to the freezer. Problems with the freezer's condenser and evaporator can also cause problems, so check them one by one.


After eliminating the problem of power supply, the contact of power supply, fuse and plug should be checked first. The next step is to check the temperature controller. Because the work of the compressor is controlled by the thermostat, we all know that the compressor and the thermostat are connected in series in the circuit. If the thermostat fails and the contact point cannot be closed, the compressor cannot work properly. Then check the overload protector, which is also connected in series with the compressor in the circuit. Its function is when the compressor housing temperature is high or the current on the compressor is large, the overload protector contact will jump off, cut off the circuit, so that no current on the compressor through, will stop working normally, in order to protect the compressor.


Then should check the start relay, compressor start to start the relay. If the starting relay is damaged, the compressor will not start. If the repair still can not be used, replacement compressor is not "ordinary people" can do, the need for professional home appliance maintenance master to replace.


The reason why the chest freezer is not shut down

The problem that chest type freezer compressor appears not to shut down is to need us to take seriously absolutely, the not to shut down that compressors a long time to run can cause the load that compressors a long time to run, can cause compressor damage, shorten the service life of freezer. Actually every freezer can have the zero bound point that bears high temperature, cleavage exceeds the high temperature zero bound point of this freezer, freezer can be in all the time do not shut down, because he cannot reduce the temperature of freezer to set temperature range, when choosing freezer also should ask whether to accord with the temperature requirement of oneself area.


Still have a reason is, the compressor of chest type freezer appears fault problem, run all the time do not shut down, it is the thermostats of freezer possibly appears problem, cannot monitor the temperature inside chest type freezer cabinet accurately, bring about compressor to judge to cannot reach temperature all the time, can work all the time.


Why is there water in the chest freezer?

The inside of the chest type freezer is filled with some cold gas. When we open the chest home freezer door, it is easy to let the hot air outside into the chest freezer. If the opening time is too long, or if we forget to close the chest freezer door, the ice in the chest freezer is likely to melt. There is usually a water pipe behind the chest home freezer that drains the water. Like a washing machine, when the temperature of the chest freezer reaches a certain level, the water in the box will melt and then flow out along these pipes. And the reason of accumulation of water inside the box is nothing more than two cases, one is hot air enters, the other is drain pipe is blocked, solve the problem of accumulation of water mainly from these two aspects.


In fact, there are other reasons for the use of household chest freezer, such as food in storage, the temperature is too high without cooling directly into the chest home freezer, hot air water content is larger, cooling in the freezer will cause a lot of condensed water, the generation of condensed water is greater than the speed of discharge will cause water. Commercial freezers are opened and closed too often, resulting in a large number of hot air into the freezer, hot air in the condensation will produce condensed water, condensed water generation greater than the rate of discharge will cause water.


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