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What Removes Smells from Meat Display Chiller

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What Removes Smells from Meat Display Chiller

If your meat display chiller gives off an unpleasant smell constantly when it works well, it means that some meat in it has became rotten. You should take some measures to eliminate that smell in meat display fridge.


The first step you should take is to remove the source of odour. Then take a complete disinfection and cleaning for your meat display case. If the bad smell is still existing in your meat display chiller, you should put something in it to absorb that smell.


Steps to clean your meat display case

1. Take out all rotten meat. The reasons for the deterioration of meat may be long blackouts, damage to meat display case or neglect of the time of meat is stored in meat display fridge. Meat is one kind of highly perishable items, which can only be kept in the temperature over 4.4 degrees Celsius for at most 3 hours. When you note there is an unpleasant smell spread from the meat display case, you should take out all rotten meat to solve the problem ultimately.


2. Clean your meat display case. Add one tablespoon of liquid detergent into a small plastic bowl. Fill the bowl with hot water and place it in the basin of the sink. Use soapy cotton cloth to wipe and clean, after completion, the detergent solution is poured into the drain pipe. Rinse them with clean water.


3. Put chlorine bleach into the barrel. And add 1 gallon of water into it. This is a way to disinfection.


4. Use hot water in the tap to wet clean cotton cloth and twist it, sprinkle baking soda on wet cloth. Wipe the interior compartment walls of meat display fridge and freezers with baking soda paste.


5. Open the door of meat display case and its freezer for 15 minutes to allow water to evaporate and air to circulate. Re-assemble components which were taken from meat display showcase and freezers.


Ways to remove stubborn smell

1. Deodorizing with baking soda

Baking soda can balance the acidity and alkalinity around the odorous substances in the meat display showcase, thus concealing their odor. Keep an open baking soda container in the meat display chiller to absorb the odor for at least 24 hours. Once the baking soda has finished its work, throw it away.


2. Deodorization with ground coffee

To improve the effect of baking soda, freshly ground coffee is placed on a plate, then place it in the meat display fridge for 24 hours.


3. Deodorization with white vinegar

White vinegar is another substance that can effectively neutralize the odor of meat display case. Mix white vinegar with water for 1:1 and then wipe all surfaces of the meat display chiller to make it smell fresh. Then, put a cup of white vinegar in it and close the door until the odor disappears.


4. Deodorization with lemon

Slice the lemon, put it in the meat display fridge. The absorption of lemons eliminates unpleasant odors, but lemons must be replaced at least once a week.


In conclusion, when you feel the bad smell of your meat display showcase, you should make sure what causes it, after that, clean it and put some items like soda, ground coffee, white vinegar and so on in it to absorb the odor. If you have more troubles of removing the odour in meat display chiller, don't forget to visit Meibca to find more you want.

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