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Tips For Maintaining Your Deli Showcase

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Tips For Maintaining Your Deli Showcase

Display cabinets or delicatessen refrigerators are important requirements for every bakery or butcher shop. These Deli Displays can be found in restaurants, meat shops, wine bottle shops, hotels, Department stores, shopping malls, bars and other places. The Deli Display Refrigerator is one of the most suitable equipments for showcasing items for customers.


However, like other tools, these Deli Display Coolers need to be maintained. Keeping Deli Showcases clean is only part of the food safety struggle. In fact, in the catering operation of delicatessens, there are many best practices to ensure the safety of customers and the overall quality of cooked meat.


Here are some tips to help you maintain your Deli Showcase. If you can complete the tips follow, your measures can protect your deli showcase to work for a long time.


1.Storage location

When there is no meat in your Deli display cabinet, we recommend that you place the meat at least six inches from your walk-in floor. Just store it and don’t lie.



When opening cooked poultry packaging, ensure that the amount of cleaning (or moisture) is at a normal level. Excess liquids should be reported to supervisors, even to product suppliers or distributors. Too much moisture will be harmful to the equipment, and you must deal with this problem in time.


3.Nighttime storage

Cooked meat should be covered overnight to prevent drying. Make sure that all cut surfaces are covered with a cooked food package or film. Otherwise, the meat in the Deli Showcases will have a bad smell and will affect the buying feeling.


4.Start fresh

In the morning, before serving customers, cut a 1/4 inch piece of meat from the main board and "face" it to all cooked meats. Make sure to use a clean and sterile microtome.



Cleaning any types of refrigerators is very important. Correct and timely cleaning helps to maintain the level of hygiene and performance. If the Deli Display Cooler is not cleaned properly, it will lead to various problems in the equipment. Therefore, the parts of the Deli display cabinet must be cleaned correctly.



Cooked meat and sausages should be stored at or below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. According to IDDBA, meat should be avoided from being exposed to "dangerous areas" for a long time, ranging from 41 degrees Fahrenheit to 135 degrees Fahrenheit.


Keep in mind that this temperature range, and the time period during which food is exposed, will vary depending on the source. For example, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has different standards for "dangerous areas". Before deciding on a storage plan, consider all sources.


7.Regular Inspection

You should also inspect Deli Display Cooler regularly to ensure that they work properly, because any malfunction in the equipment will cause huge losses to businesses and owners. You should check for leaks, tears, or cracks, because it is always better to detect problems before they occur.


In addition, don't forget to check whether there is any damage to compressor, fan motor, etc. However, if any damage is checked, please ensure that repair is carried out as soon as possible, otherwise it will affect the overall work and performance of the equipment, which will cause serious outcome in the future.


If you maintain your Deli Display properly, it will serve you for many years without causing many problems. Besides, good maintain of the Deli Display Cooler can also reduce your electricity consumption, which can reduce your electricity bills. Good maintain of Deli Display Refrigerator is a cost-effective option because it does not require any maintenance or frequent replacement. You can click Meibca website for more other information.

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