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Tips And Equipment For Your Butcher Or Chicken Shop

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Modern people like to enjoy delicious food, most common food to support energy and nutrition are vegetables and meat, chicken, milk. Although online shipping has become a popular trend, they would like to choose meat on local offline shop and check the fresh of food. Butchery or chicken shop is one of necessary parts in food market, and butchery shops especially in Africa are very hot. It seems an easy available business, actually you need know more detail information. However, how to set up a butcher shop? Here we would share some tips and equipment (meat display chiller) you may need.


1. Shop license from local government.

Make sure to have shop license, safety certification and sanitary certification according to local government’s requirement. You will be allowed to enter into food market with these permissions, giving a call to business department or visiting local butcher shop will help you a lot for preparation.


2. Business investment plan

Need check your capital before starting a new business and learn shop management experience, then make a investment in advance for all equipment, the salary of employees, promotion charges, fresh store, business electricity and water management, VAT, more.


3. Purchase butcher shop equipment

A. Knife and scale

B. Meat processing equipment, such as meat grinder, meat bone saw, and meat mixer, work table

C. Meat display chiller with glass door


D. Cold room or deep freezer for freezing


4. Choose products based on market analysis.

When we enter in a shop after work time or in holidays, we hopefully it could support one-stop solution for foods to save purchasing time, then a nice butchery shop or chicken shop should not only provide single product, but also provide meat-related replacement ingredients, such as sausage, lamb, beef, which will meet the various requirements, shop could be more competitive along with keep high quality standard.


5. Good service

Butchers in shops should be trained to share suggestions, and help you make choice with their working experience. It will remain warm memory for clients, it will lead them to visit the shop again.



Conclusion: above are some tips for setting up butcher shop, hope it help you a lot during working. And we are glad to help your shop with butcher equipment such as meat display equipment with glass door. The display chiller have optional static cooling or fan cooling, basically, temperature is 0-10 degree with display shelves, back side our model design 10cm wide operation platform, inside we have LED lamp to show meat better and appeal more buyers.


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