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How to get rid of the bad smells in your under counter chiller

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How to get rid of the bad smells in your under counter chiller

After being used for a long time, the under-counter 2 doors freezer may emit an unpleasant smell. This odor not only affects the use experience of the freezer, but also may affect the quality of the food stored in it. What is the cause of the odor from the under counter freezer? How should we get rid of the annoying smell from these under counter freezer?


l  Why does under counter freezer smell?

l  How to deodorize under counter freezer

l  Method for keeping the underfloor freezer clean and tidy


Why does under counter freezer smell?

Over time and use, you may find the walk-in refrigerator or underfloor commercial freezer emit an unpleasant smell. Occasionally, odor may occur due to regular use. Unfortunately, the smell may also indicate the presence of some kind of bacteria or mold growth inside the walk-in washing machine. The odor may also point to hidden spills that have not been found or removed. Smell may also be the first sign of a larger problem that may contaminate your inventory. If the walk-in refrigerator has been in use for more than two years, odors may remain inside the walls and floor of the device. Over time, bacteria multiply and multiply-causing the odor to become more dense and stinky over time.


How to deodorize under counter freezer

When you notice an odor in the cooler, the best way to deal with it is to start cleaning and clean it thoroughly. If possible, empty all inventory to another temperature-regulated area. Also remove all shelves and storage boxes or containers from the walk-in warehouse. A simple soap and water cleaner is enough to clean your walk-in device-harsh chemicals may be too abrasive and damage the surface of the walk-in device. Baking soda and white vinegar can also be used as cleaning agents because vinegar is very resistant to odors and mold. No matter which cleaning combination you decide to use, wipe the surface immediately after spraying. Allow all surfaces to dry completely before putting the items back into the walk-in home. The drying process can also keep your walk-in ventilator for a while.


Place a bowl of charcoal briquettes in a walk-in refrigerator or underfloor freezer to absorb any residual odor. You can also leave a bowl of fresh coffee grounds or baking soda inside the device to help absorb the smell. Keep in mind that some smells are natural because your walk-in environment is a closed space. Extremely unpleasant odors or odors remain even after cleaning, which is cause for concern, and further inspection should be performed to ensure that the components of the walk-in washing machine are free from malfunction and that they do not mold or mold.


Keep the under counter freezer clean and tidy

1.         Use homemade air fresheners to absorb unpleasant odors and keep the freezer under counter free of odors. Before the food spoils, and start spraying bad smells regularly to start covering the interior of the underfloor freezer, it's time to take action. Here's what you can equip your under counter chiller to eliminate these odors:

2.         Clean socks filled with activated charcoal-from aquarium stores, not barbecue briquettes. Charcoal absorbs odors for up to three months.

3.         A small box of baking soda. Baking soda is another excellent odor absorbent. Most baking soda packages say you should change baking soda every 30 days, but you might avoid 60 to 90 days of use before changing.

4.         Freshly ground coffee is also placed in a small plate at the back of the under counter chiller, which also absorbs odors well.

5.         Tasteless chlorophyll cat litter is another stinky bust. Put 1 / 2-inch cat litter in a shallow dish on the back of the under counter chiller to eliminate most of the offensive odors.

6.         Sprinkle a little vanilla extract, tea tree oil or lavender, lemon or even bergamot essential oil in cotton balls, then place the cotton balls in a small dish on the back of the under counter chiller. Exchange every two weeks.

7.         Crush a brown paper bag into balls, and place them in a crisper with fruits and vegetables to protect the smell. Crumpled paper bags eliminate odors in crackers.

8.         Seasonally (quarterly) through the under counter chiller to keep the fresh smell and good appearance. Every three months, remove most or all of the food from the under counter chiller and wipe all surfaces with baking soda or vinegar solution.

9.         Regular maintenance will save you time and energy in the future. This is almost self-evident, but if you find splashes or stains in the under counter chiller, try cleaning them up quickly and removing the source of the stain. Spills or stains that cannot be removed quickly may become more difficult to remove in the future.


There are many tips that can effectively prevent the odor of the under counter freezer, but there is no doubt that the most important thing in daily life is to keep the under counter freezer clean and tidy. Regularly cleaning the under-counter freezer can also prevent eating bad food from harming the body. If you want to buy high-quality under counter freezer with reasonable price, Meibaijia Electrical Technology Company can provide you with the best products.

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