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How To Repair Hole in Chest Freezer

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How To Repair Hole in Chest Freezer

Now, especially soon as summer, the chest freezer will be used more and more widely. If there are holes and loopholes in the freezer, how can we repair hole in chest freezer?


A freezer is a useful device available in the basement or garage. However, you should not expect it to always run without problems. Like all electrical appliances, the freezer will break down. One of the most common failures occurs when the chest freezer leaks. This is what happens to many owners of chest freezers. Fortunately, problems are usually easy to solve.


Repair Chest Freezer Interior

Remove the electrical plug, open the freezer door and stick something between the door and the frame to make it easier to remove. Move the lights or fault lights near the chest freezer to help you see better because any built-in lights do not work when pulled out. If the freezer is running at 110V, you will need 12X2 wires and 110V sockets. If it uses 220V, then you will need 12X3 wires and 220V sockets. You will need a circuit breaker that supports the number of amplifiers you will draw for the chest freezer. In most cases, if it is 220V, you will need a 30 ampere circuit breaker. 110V usually requires 15 or 20 amperes. This information can be found in the manual included with the chest freezer.


Use a cut-fit aluminum square and apply about 1? 4-inch waterproof marine filler from the edge. Mix two-step adhesive and apply a large portion around the hole on the inside of the device. Immediately press the aluminum block onto the hole so that the adhesive adheres to the aluminum, and also allows the marine filler to stick to the inside of the device. Keep it firmly in place for at least 5 minutes or until it does not move under mild lateral pressure. Let dry for 24 hours.


Repair external

If there are holes on the outside, pull everything out first.

If you have enough space, place them in the chest freezer / freezer section of the freezer.

Pile up excess items (such as the contents of a freezer) into a laundry basket.

Cover them with blankets so that as soon as the item is cooled to room temperature, drill two small holes-one at each end of the crack-into the liner.

Feel the plastic to determine when it's warm enough to drill holes.

Use a drill bit-1 to 16 inches is ideal-and work carefully.

Limit the depth of the hole to ensure that only the hole is drilled enough to pierce the plastic without sinking into the wall and piercing any important components.

These holes prevent the crack from spreading. If you are not familiar with controlling drilling depth, skip this step.

Wipe the edge of the crack and its surrounding surface with a small piece of sand paper. Perseverance is not important. Simply remove any rough edges at the crack and damage the gloss of the plastic. This ensures better repair and adhesion.

Pick up the can of expanded foam insulation and pour it.

Shoot into the hole from the outside and pull out the tip slowly as the foam fills the hole.

Let it dry.

Use a hacksaw insert to cut off excess foam that may expand outside the hole. Grind the surface with No.

120 sanding paper until the foam is level with the outside of the equipment.

Use 300 mesh sandpaper to finish surface tape and paint.

Finally use external alcohol and paper towels to clean the exterior of your repair equipment.


The above is how to repair the freezer hole, have you learned, anyway, welcome to the Meibaijia to choose chest freezer, we are ready to serve you.


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