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How To Keep Display Cooler Glass Door From Fogging Up

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With the development of social economy, more and more people focus on food safety in daily life. Display cooler is very common in supermarket, convenient shop, vegetable markets and butchery shop to slow down the spoilage of food, but you may notice there are some condensation on the glass door, especially happens after rainy day.



Why condensation happens on glass door?

For display cooler, transparency glass door will store food as well as appeal clients with better shopping experience. However, condensation may block client’s view towards goods inside cooler or freezer. Actually it’s natural thing in Physical area, when refrigerators work in summer days, freezer inside temperature is below 10 degree rather outside ambient temperature can reach 32 even 40 degree, then humidity in the air will condensate on the door or gasket of cooler or freezer, When the relative humidity of the air exceeds 80%, glass door and door gasket will have condensation.


When condensation happens, we could use soft cloth to wipe it off. It will not influence the function of freezer. In daily life, here are also some suggestions to help you to conquer condensation. We are glad to share some small tips to prevent your cooler or freezer glass door from fogging up.


1. Try to place your cooler or freezer in a well ventilated position.


2. Adjust cooler or freezer thermostat, make sure food in cabinet is fresh and not use lowest temperature, which reduce the indoor and outdoor temperature difference, so as to reduce condensation.


3. Check glass door gasket regularly in case of damage gasket let outside hot moist air into the cooling cabinet.


4. Replace glass door, tempered heat reflection glass is nice choice for displaying ice cream,  double or triple layers electrical heated glass on cooler or freezer can prevent condensation easier.


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