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How Often Should A Meat Showcase Be Cleaned

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How Often Should A Meat Showcase Be Cleaned

When should a housewife or a manager of supermarket clean the meat display chiller is a huge problem. If the meat is cleaned too early, it will be a regretful loss; if the meat goes bad, health of family or costumers will be challenged. Therefore, here comes the question: How often should a meat showcase be cleaned?


This is a list of content:

  • Why Should We Clean The Meat Showcase?

  • How Often Should A Meat Showcase Of Supermarket Be Cleaned?

  • How Often Should A Meat Showcase Of Family Be Cleaned?

  • Tips For Cleaning Meat Display Showcase


Why Should We Clean The Meat Showcase?

Refrigerator used to keep food cold storage temperature of 4-8 degrees.On the condition, the vast majority of bacteria growth speed will slow down. However, some bacteria are cold-loving, such as yersinia, listeria and other bacteria in this temperature can grow and multiply rapidly, if the food infected with this kind of bacteria, it will cause intestinal diseases.


The temperature in the meat showcase is generally 18 degrees below zero.Under this temperature, bacteria will be inhibited or killed commonly, so this store food inside has better preservation effect. However, freezing does not mean that it can kill bacteria completely. Some bacteria with strong freezing resistance will survive. Thus, from another angle, if the refrigerator is not often disinfected, but will become some bacteria "hotbed".


How Often Should A Meat Showcase Of Supermarket Be Cleaned?

The display of meat is to prepare for sales. In order to facilitate customers' shopping, meat should be placed in a place that is easy to choose, easy to take, and easy to put. Neat and beautiful meat display showcases can attract customers, improve customers' desire to buy.As every coin has two sides, supermarket meat consumption is relatively high. If necessary, the meat should be sold at a reduced price to ensure the freshness of the meat and timely disposal of unsalable goods.

In a word, meat display fridge of supermarkets should be cleaned each single day.


How Often Should A Meat Showcase Of Family Be Cleaned?

We should pay attention to the separation of raw and cooked, to avoid cross-contamination.Between the refrigerator wall, a gap is needed to facilitate air circulation.

Frozen fish should not be stored for more than 2 months, meat should not be more than half a year. The meat display fridge should be cleaned regularly, especially in summer, it had better be cleaned every week. This will ensure that the food stored in the refrigerator is healthy and safe.


Tips For Cleaning Meat Display Showcase

No matter which kind the fridge is, do cut off power supply of internal machine and compressor before cleaning! Otherwise, you could hurt yourself.


  1. 1.   Clean the outside

  2. Clean the outside part of the meat display chiller with water and keep the refrigerator clean.This step should be repeated per day.

  3. 2.   Clean the inside

  4. Clean the inside part of the meat display chiller with water and keep the refrigerator clean.This step should be repeated per month.

  5. 3.   Open the bottom panel of the vertical air cabinet

  6. If there is water inside the refrigerator, it shall be discharged out of the cabinet at once.

  7. If there is no water, it is necessary to wash the inside of the cabinet with water, and clean up the sundries inside the cabinet.

  8. 4.   Turn on the power after 10 minutes at least

  9. After cleaning, wait 10 minutes, switch on the power and observe whether the fan in the cabinet is normal.

  10. 5.   Cover the top plate

Cover the upper board and observe whether there is any abnormality in the operating temperature of the refrigerator.

If there is no abnormality, the refrigerator can be loaded.

If there is any abnormality, it shall be reported for repairment in time.

  • Family Meat Display Fridge

  1. The first is regular disinfection of the meat display.

    Because the frequent use of family meat display fridge, please clean your refrigerator at least once a week,the reasons are above.

  2. The second is to clean it through correct methods

    Besides the clean of regular parts of refrigerator with simple water, high purpose cleanser is also necessary to clean the corners.

  3. The third is to clean it fully

    After the second part, close the refrigerator door for 5-10 minutes.The purpose is to allow the disinfectant to kill the bacteria fully.

  4. Other tips

  5. Rub the refrigerator with boric acid can remove frost easily. Sometimes replacing boric acid with vinegar will prevent rust from forming.


When we open the meat display fridge, the air enter into the showcase,give bacteria chances to multiply. For a long time, the meat display showcase will be rather dirty. The regular clean for refrigerator is necessary, for the health of both supermarket and family. The health is what the first thing that we consider of.

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