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Difference Between Deep Freezer And Chest Freezer

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Difference Between Deep Freezer And Chest Freezer

There are many types of freezers, which can be divided into chest freezers and deep freezers, so what's the difference between them?Then I'll tell you what the difference is.


When the first stand-alone household freezers were made, they were in a loose chest style with hinged caps open from the top. Depending on their shape and the fact that you have to go deep inside to retrieve food, they have earned the nickname Deep Ice Cabinet. Today, the term refers to the chest freezer and deep freezer.

Appearance difference

Chest freezer description: Most freezers are rectangular, although some compact models are cube-shaped. Chest freezers range from 10 to 25 cubic feet. They usually have drawers moving back and forth on tracks, and some styles include shelves and baskets that can be configured to accommodate packaged food of different sizes and shapes.


Deep freezer description: The deep freezer looks like a traditional refrigerator, but only one door can be opened from the right or left. They can accommodate between 10 and 21 cubic feet of food. The fixed shelf and cubicle on the door can accommodate small items, and the interior shelf can be adjusted to accommodate large or tall objects such as wild game, turkey or layered desserts. There are drawers near the bottom of some vertical freezers for easy access to separately distributed foods, such as frozen main courses and ice cream novelty.


Configuration and capacity difference

Unlike the 150-liter freezer at the top of the refrigerator, the deep freezer opens horizontally, usually from 100 liters to 510 liters. Unlike vertical freezers, deep freezers do not carry shelves or drawers. This makes it more difficult to find and organize things, but it does make them more suitable for storing large items, such as the entire moose head.


Freezing function difference

First, let's create some terminology confusion in terms. The terms "freezing" and "deep freezing" initially refer to two different methods of preserving food. Both methods freeze the food to the same temperature (- 18 °C), but they do so in two different ways. With freezing, food temperatures slow down, usually up to 24 hours. Deep freezing is the process of exposing food to-30 °C to-50 °C to bring the core of the product to-18 °C within an hour.

Deep freezing is a common method for industrial environments. It is thought to be better than conventional freezing, keeping food fresh, textured and nutritious. Today, however, the term "depth freezer" refers to a chest-like freezer, not an upright freezer at the top of the refrigerator. Although both can maintain the same temperature (and most modern models have temperature control settings), there are some important differences between the two.

Advantages and disadvantages

The chest freezer is a cheaper option that uses less energy, freezes food more securely, and stays cool longer than a post during a power outage. However, they take up more space than columns, food at the bottom is hard to reach, and children, very short adults or wheelchair-bound people do not have easy access to their content. It is easier to view food stocks in deep freezers, and posts are easier to fit into kitchen utensils layout and design.


The above is the difference between the chest freezer and the deep freezer. Do you understand? Welcome to Meibca to buy the right freezer, if you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible.

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