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Deli Display Refrigerator Use

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Deli Display Refrigerator Use

In our modern life, Deli food is a common thing.To deal with these carefully prepared food, a deli display refrigerator is exactly what you need. With the use of deli display refrigerator, deli food can be saved easily. Think about the food you love:Duck neck,trotters… What a great invention!


This is a list of content:

  1. Definition Of Deli Display Refrigerator

  2. Features Of Deli Display Refrigerator

  3. Operating Principles Of Deli Display Refrigerator

  4. Instructions for using Deli Display Refrigerator


Definition Of Deli Display Refrigerator

Display refrigerator is a kind of refrigeration equipment which keeps the constant low temperature, and it is also a kind of civil product which makes food or other articles keep the constant low temperature and cold state. A cabinet or box contain a compressor and an ice machine for freezing, and a storage box with a refrigeration unit.

Compared with common refrigerators, the deli display refrigerator has a better performance on deli food storage and bacteria prevention.


Features Of Deli Display Refrigerator


1. CFC free foaming layer 

CFC free means we don’t use materials having chlorofluorocarbon, healthier for human, friendlier for environment. But it won’t hurt the insulation effect of foaming layer. On the contrary, our insulation works better.


2. Back sliding glass door 

Have you ever been upset because the sliding glass door was too tight to open? Then take a look at our supermarket island freezer!Our glass doors can easily open with excellent insulation effect.The back sliding glass door will never stuck.


3. Three layer refrigerated stainless steel plate for food storage and display 

Everyone loves organized things.Think about when you purchase meat and vegetables from the supermarket,the organized ones are more attractive and looks good.Having three layers can give you the chance of showing your deli food ,making your customers feel convenient when select your deli food . 


4. Unique inclined shelf design provide scientific angle for display

When the vegetables slide into the deep of refrigerator, it always take a lot of time to reach it. Our special design can make your food slide to you! It is wise to have a deli display cooler like this.


Operating Principles Of Deli Display Refrigerator

As we all know, cooked food at room temperature is easy to breed bacteria. If it is stored for more than 3 days, the number of bacteria is even more amazing.

Due to the variety of food,deli food put in the common refrigerator is more likely to breed a large number of bacteria, odor and so on.

The easiest way to kill bacteria is to heat them at high temperatures. Most bacteria-infested foods are killed by boiling them in hot water.

But how can we kill the bacteria at the every beginning? The answer is to isolate the environment where bacteria live in the refrigerator. The deli food was separated in the boxes totally enclosed, thus in the fundamental isolation of odor transmission, prevent the breeding of bacteria, effectively extend food storage time.


Instructions for using Deli Display Refrigerator

  • Don't put too hot food into the showcase

Some people like to put too hot food in the refrigerator to cool down immediately, in the hope that they can eat cool food in a short time, but these too hot food put in the running refrigerator is likely to shorten the service life of the refrigerator.

  • Don't put too much food into the showcase

Deli food should not be over crowded,you had better leave certain space inside your deli display chiller, let the air in freezer is able to normal convection, and that will reduce the load of unit.

Too much food is also very easy to lead to food bacteria cross infection, leading to a variety of human body discomfort and a variety of diseases.

  • Don't put all kinds of food into the showcase

Not every kinds of food is suitable for the refrigerator. Tropical fruit like bananas,mangoes,oranges can be frozen to bad. Honey in the refrigerator will crystallize out glucose, which affects the taste.Before put your food into the showcase, please confirm whether the deli display cooler is suitable for them first.

The use of deli showcase is easy and convenient, as long as you pay attention to the instructions above, this instructions won’t fail you! For more information and tips, please refer to our website.

If you are looking for a professional and cost-effective supplier for refrigeration, freezer and cooler products, please contact us immediately.




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