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Can ultra-low temperature freezer help fight the COVID-19?

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Can ultra-low temperature freezer help fight the COVID-19?

Recently, the research and development of vaccines in countries around the world has entered a sprint stage. Although there is still a long way to go before it is fully developed and put on the market, we have to consider using digital ultra-low temperature freezer to ensure its storage safety. Ultra-low temperature freezer is of great significance whether it is a new star in the laboratory at this stage or an indispensable carrier for the future delivery of vaccines in the transportation network.


Here is the content list:

  • Will the ultra-low temperature freezer solution be better?

  • What are differences between ultra-low temperature freezer and ordinary ones?

  • What impact will advent of vaccine have on ultra-low temperature freezer evolution?


Will the ultra-low temperature freezer solution be better?

Ultra-low degree freezer is the general name of refrigerator products used in medical health, biological sample storage, new drug research and development, and low-degree experiments of special materials. ultra-low degree freezer is a key equipment for the preservation of biological materials such as drugs, genes, and cells.

Currently, five new COVID-19 vaccines domestic have experienced phase III clinical trials in preparation for multitudinous production. Before a large number of vaccines poured into the market, the transportation and storage of vaccines became an urgent problem to be solved.

However, according to experimental data released by some pharmaceutical companies, the storage conditions for the COVID-19 vaccine are harsh and must be stored under low temperature conditions like ultra-low degree freezer. It can maintain activity only at temperatures below -20°C or even -70°C.

Ultra-low temperature freezer can be said to be a feasible solution to this problem, for that although clinical trials have achieved positive results, the vaccine must be stored stably in an ultra-low temperature refrigerator condition at -70 °C to maintain its effectiveness.

Compared with other cooling materials, using professional ultra-low temperature freezer, the storage environment temperature is more uniform, there will be no local temperature difference, which affects the vaccine efficacy.


What are differences between ultra-low temperature freezer and ordinary ones?

If the error in the refrigerator is large or the control is not accurate, it will often cause damage to the preservation object, which will have a great impact on the use result. Since the ultra-low temperature freezer can be used for various strict storage requirements, the differences between which and ordinary refrigerators is not only in their temperature range.

  • Design standards

The design and technical requirements, testing, inspection, and packaging requirements of different refrigerators shall be in accordance with national standards or industry standards for household, commercial, and pharmaceuticals.

In addition, the standard of medical ultra-low temperature freezer also has stricter requirements for its temperature fluctuation and uniformity, while the standards for household and commercial refrigerators have no clear requirements for temperature fluctuation and uniformity.

  • Control precision

The ultra-low temperature freezer controls the start and stop of the compressor through a temperature sensor placed in the refrigerator, thereby controlling the temperature of the refrigerator. Household and commercial refrigerators generally have only one temperature sensor. When the compressor starts and stops, the temperature of the refrigerator varies greatly.

The normalization of the epidemic does not mean that we should relax our vigilance, because the virus may seize all opportunities. The medical ultra-low degree freezer has multiple sensors to jointly display and control the condition of the freezer, plus an electric heating compensation system to ensure the safe storage of vaccines.

  • Refrigeration mechanism

The medical ultra-low temperature freezer adopts an air-cooled type. Through fan selection and air duct structure, a reasonable air volume and duct are formed to make the temperature in the box more uniform.


What impact will advent of vaccine have on ultra-low temperature freezer evolution?

Before we know it, the impressive 2020 is about to pass. In this year, many things have changed because of a sudden epidemic. Just as it is a challenge and test for all medical-related manufacturing industries, the epidemic also has a strong impact on the ultra-low temperature freezer market.

With the out-of-stock ultra-low temperature fridge of foreign companies, the orders of domestic companies have surged, and more and more home appliance companies are stepping up the research and development of ultra-low temperature refrigerator.

The research and development of the vaccine is a rare opportunity for our home appliance brands, especially home appliance companies that produce ultra-low degree freezer.

We believe that under the government's measures and the active efforts of the ultra-low temperature refrigerator company, the vaccine will be able to enter thousands of households and benefit all mankind.


We cannot relax the development of the ultra-low temperature freezer in case we are caught off guard when we need it. Meibaijia Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. has been repeatedly recognized by the international high-end digital ultra-low temperature freezer market. We seize opportunities and actively meet challenges, looking forward to your orders.

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