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Cake Display Refrigerator Temperature

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Cake Display Refrigerator Temperature

Summer and ice cream is on the road, are you ready? Think about the ice drinks and ice cream cake, the hot temperature is no that intolerable. Thus, the demand for cake display chillers grows to greet summer, no matter for the common cake freshness or for the summer's goods. What is the most suitable temperature for cake display cabinet?


This is a list of content:

  1. Working Principle Of Cake Display Fridge

  2. Features Of Cake Display Fridge

  3. Matters Needing Attention Of Cake Display Fridge


Working Principle Of Cake Display Fridge

The best system for cakes is fan cooling. Fan cooling is a form of cooling in which air is used as a medium to cool objects that need to be cooled. The automatic defrosting humidity in the freezer is low, the refrigeration is even to achieve the effect of precise temperature control, and the food will not freeze together, greatly reducing the smell of each other.


It works commonly by increasing the surface area of the object that needs cooling, or by increasing the rate at which air flows through the object per unit of time, or both.

The former can be achieved by adding a radiator on the surface of an object, usually hanging the radiator outside the object, or fixed on the object to make the heat dissipation more efficient.


The latter can use fan will strengthen ventilated, aggrandizement cooling effect. In most cases, the cooling efficiency can be greatly improved by adding fins. Obviously, our products are the latter one.


Features Of Cake Display Fridge

Our system of cake display showcase is fan cooling system,the most suitable system for cake storage,making cakes fresh and smelling good.

  • Good insulation layer to save energy

The better the quality of insulation is,the more energy saves.The high density foaming makes perfect insulation effect.

What’s more,the layer is also CFC free.CFC free means we don’t use materials having chlorofluorocarbon,healthier for human,friendlier for environment. But it won’t hurt the insulation effect of foaming layer. On the contrary, our insulation works better.

  • Front double tempered glass with heater

Front double tempered glass with heater gives the cake inside a proper temperature to stay nice.

  • Back sliding glass door

Have you ever been upset because the sliding glass door was too tight to open?Then take a look at our cake display showcase!Our back sliding glass doors can easily open with excellent insulation effect.


Matters Needing Attention Of Cake Display Fridge

according to the variety,every kinds of cake has its own optimal refrigerated temperature. In order to ensure the taste of cakes, most businesses refrigerate the cakes in the cake display cabinet. So how to adjust and control the temperature of the cake display cabinet? How to use the cake display cabinet correctly?

The correct way of regulating the cake display cabinet temperature can bring great help to its cooling effect.

Because of the change of the external environment temperature affects its internal temperature, such as hot and cold environment and the number of cake display cabinet doors and frost can influence its temperature.

Therefore, there will be a temperature difference of several degrees between the internal temperature of the cake display cabinet and the debugging temperature, which is a normal phenomenon. There is no problem with the cake display cabinet.

There are two main reasons responsible for the temperature of cake display showcase:

  • Seasons

  1. Summer

    The high ambient temperature in summer makes it difficult to reduce the temperature in the cabinet.The proper degrees is 2 to 8 degrees

    Therefore, the startup time in the cabinet will increase, while the shutdown time will be reduced, which not only makes the compressor work under high temperature for a long time and causes damage, but also increases the power consumption.

  2. Winter

    In winter, the ambient temperature is relatively low.

    If it is close to the regulated temperature, the startup and shutdown time will be more balanced, which not only saves energy, but also has no significant impact on the external temperature. Cake display cabinet refrigeration temperature should be between 0 to 10 degrees to normal operation.

  • Species

  1. Cold storage

    The temperature is 1 to 4 degrees, preferably close to 2 degrees.

    Such as mousse, jelly, framed birthday or framed cake and cream decoration cake belong to here.

  2. Frozen storage

    The temperature is -18 degrees.

    Ice cream cakes, for example, are displayed in these cake display showcase.


The proper temperature of cake display fridge is depending on the species and seasons to a large extent. If you want to purchase one your own cake display cabinet or just more information and instruction, welcome to visit our website!

If you are looking for a professional and cost-effective supplier for refrigeration, freezer and cooler products, please contact us immediately.




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