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8 Usefull Storage Tips of Cake Showcase

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8 Usefull Storage Tips of Cake Showcase

Cake showcase is often used in cake stores or supermarkets, you can also see it in the family which holds parties frequently. Some people have bought cake display fridge, but have no idea about its storage ways or tips. If you know something about its storage tips, the cake display chiller will bring great convenience to your life. Here some tips for you to take full use of cake showcase in life.


When placing the cake display cabinet, the merchant can put it in a ventilated place, or keep the indoor ventilation, which helps the air circulation and heat dissipation; since it is to keep the freshness of cake , the staff should put the cake into the cake display showcase when it is well done. When the cake reduces contact with the outside world, it will increase the freshness of it naturally.

2.Classification and cleaning.

Put cakes into different cake display cabinets according to the category of cakes to prevent odor from others, or you can use some film to pack cakes to prevent them from drying out due to refrigerating; in addition, the cake display cabinet should be cleaned regularly to keep the odor in the cake display fridge is fresh.

3.Leave wrapping paper

When displaying the whole cake, you should make sure that the sliced paper is left on the edge to prevent the cake from drying. We also recommend that the cut portion of the cake be placed directly on the back of the cake display chiller to achieve a more attractive display effect.

 4.Plastic Packaging

To ensure the freshness of slices when stored and supplied separately, slices of cake were better covered with plastic packaging. Before covering with plastic wrapping, gently insert toothpicks into slices to maintain the appearance of dessert. We recommend that larger slices of cake be placed on the side of the cake so that the packing will not damage the surface layer and prevent the higher slices from falling off.

5.Move from the freezer to the cooler when selling not well

During the slow period of sales, we recommend that you move the cakes from the freezer to the cooler. Only when you feel the number of slices will be sold on that day, you can take them out from cooler. Make sure that the cut edges on the whole cake are used to separate the sheets of paper. The paper is folded and easy to cut with a sharp knife.

6.Do not mix and place

Don't put open cakes next to fish, cheese, onions or any other food that has a strong odor in the cake display fridge. If the cake must be placed in the same cooler with this kind of food, it must be covered with a sealed plastic cover.

7.Keep horizontal instead of inclined

If the cake is placed on a dessert plate and brought to room temperature, it should be sold at that day. In order to prevent the cake from moving in the box, the box of cake should be kept horizontal instead of inclined. Cakes should be handled lightly to prevent the ornaments from breaking.

8.Do not thaw and refrigerate

Do not thaw and refrigerate the cake, which will affect the overall quality of cake. Cakes should not be stored directly on the floor. You can hide the new cake below or behind to prevent it being selected before those cakes with longer time.


I hope these eight storage tips will help you during your process of using the cake display fridge. If you have more ideas about storage tips of it, you can also share it with us. You can also click the website of Meibca to get related using methods and detailed specifications of cake showcase.

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